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Discuss news on streaming animated series exclusive to HBO Max.

Note: Some series may eventually be spun off into their own news threads.

Some series may be covered in other sections of Anime Superhero and some links will lead to other sections as well.

See Also
-Mo Eillems joins
-HBO Max vs Disney+
-Will HBO Max result in shutting down WarnerMedia's linear TV offerings?
-Technical Issues regarding the 4 recent CN shows that were added on HBOMax
-Cartoon Network "Legacy Collection" on HBO Max
-Cartoon Network endangered by HBO Max?
-Is HBO Max where CN's future lies?
-Cartoon Network on HBO Max
-What CN shows should get HBO Max specials?

Adult Animated Series
-Santa Inc. News & Discussion
-The Boondocks (Picked up by HBO Max)
-The Boondocks (Special)
-The Prince
-10-Year-Old Tom
-Gen: Lock (Picked up by HBO Max)
-Keeping Up with the Joneses
-Game of Thrones
-Clone High (Reboot)

Animated Series
-Close Enough News & Discussion (Original Programming)
--Close Enough Talkback
-Looney Tunes Cartoons (Original Programming)
--Looney Tunes Cartoons Talkback
-Adventure Time: Distant Lands (Original Programming)
--BMO Talkback
--Obsidian Talkback
-Tig n' Seek (Original Programming)
-The Fungies! (Original Programming)
--The Fungies! Talkback
-Summer Camp Island (Picked up by HBO Max)
--Summer Camp Island Ep 41-60 Talkback
-Esme & Roy season 2 (Picked up by HBO Max)
-Infinity Train season 3 (Picked up by HBO Max)
-The Monster at the End of This Story (Special)
-Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Rock Special
-Two Princes
-Gremlins: Secret of the Mogwai
-Little Ellen
-Tom and Jerry in the Big City
-Unicorn: Warriors Eternal (Simulcast with CN)
-Young Love
-Mecha Builders
-Tiny Toons Looniversity
-Unlimited Squirrels
-Tom & Jerry (Special shorts)

DC Animation
-HBO Max General News
-Aquaman: King of Atlantis
-Young Justice: Phantoms (Picked up by HBO Max)
-Harley Quinn (Picked up by HBO Max)
-Batwheels (Simulcast with CN)

Pre-School Animation
-Bugs Bunny Builders (working title)
-Tom & Jerry Junior (working title)

International international distribution
-Mia's Magic Playground
-Love Monster Squish
-Earwig and the Witch
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Is there an HBO Max animation thread? Didn't find one in Streamtopia.

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Animation producer Eric Calderon, who runs the YouTube channel Surviving Animation, primarily makes videos on how to pitch animated projects to various studios. He recently uploaded an update to an old video he made two years ago on pitching to Warner Bros. Animation, and this video expands to the entirety of WarnerMedia's animation divisions.

Fast-forward to 8:33 if you want to skip the history lesson.


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