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So this backlash against this whole thing and Angel Dust in particular have left me with a hypothesis; That Hazbin Hotel is the first home-grown gothic moment for the LGBTQ+ community (Viv is bi) and that the single-minded focus of the gay community being the anti-thesis of straight culture and it's refusal to discard any de-facto obsolete aspects of itself have left the community vulnerable to recuperation and in these times, the recuperation at play here is represented by Steven Universe and Call Me By Your Name.

The "DeviantArt" aspect of HazHot is the point, and we as an animation community have been too easy to jump on the DA hate bandwagon to notice the queerphobia at play here. The other thing is that Angel Dust is a "gothic" stereotype. The logical outcome of "picking up the trash" of a stereotype that the gay community long gone discarded or let decay.

That would be the most reasonable explanation, but the gay community doesn't follow logic nor social physics. It's occupied being the anti-thesis of straight culture and with that in mind, in the name of pride, it doesn't discard of any obsolete aspects of itself. But if that's true, then the backlash against Angel Dust would be accepted as just "one of us". But it doesn't. Angel is just a "bad stereotype" now without any context to speak of.

As a guy with a background in Metal/Punk/Goth circles half my life now, this raises some red flags in me, having seen the entirety of the trial against Twisted Sisters and the whole Tipper Gore thing. I'm genuinely scared that we basically can repeat history with a click now and that the gay community did this to itself WITHOUT any involvement by straights whatsoever.

What can we learn from this?

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I wonder with A24 involved if they will stick with the current voice actors or hire more famous voice actors?

I had not noticed this, there is also an official Hazbin Hotel music video that gives Angle Dust more characterization beyond being a stereotype. Warning this video is way less comedic than the others and deals with addiction and abuse:

It also establishes the character of Valentino, one of the Overlords of Hell, as a nasty customer.


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I'm betting a mix, as a name talent in a prominent role would make it easier to sell to a network/streaming service.
Well, I would like to point out that a majority of The Dragon Prince voice cast are not really well known with the only notable exceptions being Jack DeSena, Erik Todd Dellums and Kazumi Evans.

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I'm betting a mix, as a name talent in a prominent role would make it easier to sell to a network/streaming service.

The problem is, most famous voice actors would be in the SAG union, while the pilot mainly used non-union actors, usually associated with Funimation anime dubs, though Helluva Boss seemed to have used union actors.

Usually, SAG actors cannot work on nonunion projects, so either Vivziepop would have to really go to bat for the current voice actors or AJ2 will replace them with semi-famous union actors as a marketing tactic. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzfyYtgvkx5mLy8nlLlayYg

Both Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss pilots try too hard to be funny as they feel so immature with lots of edgy language thrown in for the sake of it.

Never judge a show by its pilot, pilots often rough, have introduce a ton of elements, and the characters are not defined yet. That Addicted Music Video


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