Hazbin Hotel (new adult animated series)

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Just saw this pop up on my Twitter feed. Looks fantastic, Maxwell Atoms is involved (not the creator but he is involved). Very nice to see more adult shows that aren't specifically humor focused.



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Looks like rule 34 is going to have a fun time, but in all seriousness this show does look good and I'll be looking forward to seeing it.

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Her positivity in Hell is making me think of Jimmy Two Shoes.

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On one hand, I was not a fan (In fact, I hated the ever-loving sin out of it!) of Viv's lackluster webcomic, Zoophobia. So I only have so much confidence in this - if it turns out better in writing quality than S2 of Jimmy Two-Shoes did, consider me impressed. Well, as long as Viv isn't writing the show and has surrounded herself with those who can do it proper, then it has a chance to succeed with me.

Yeah, reading Zoophobia, Viv isn't a good writer. At all, IMHO. She's a good animator, though - which are two completely different things. Here's hoping she has a strong writing staff at her side (who isn't just doing typical comedy), come 2019.
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Giving a slightly closer look.
Color me impressed, this looks REALLY good. The technicals are really good (which I've stressed time and time again is something adult cartoons have been distinctly lacking in), the concept is fascinating, and the style of humor feels very fresh and original. I'm definitely going to have a hard time waiting until next year for this one.

Also, is this independently made and distributed? I didn't see a network listed anywhere, and the video description said she was independent.


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Uhm, I'd say this show practically is humor-based.
I can see hints of commentary on societal structure and prejudice , meaning more than comedy.

On another note, this seems like the adult version of Hotel Transylvania: The Series, but with more explicit black comedy.


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I remember seeing this in my recommendeds on YouTube. I'm familiar with some of Vivziepop's animations like Timber. This looks pretty neat and nicely animated. I'll be keeping this on my radar for 2019.


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You know, this show looks like it will be a guilty pleasure. The animation FAN in me is blown away by the character movements, but the aniMATOR in me is feeling exhausted looking at all that cleanup that had to be done for a literal minute of animation.

Not to sound pessimistic, but it almost looks TOO animated. I’d love to enjoy the character designs, but it won’t stand still long enough, so I gotta pause it.

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Forgive the double-post but nobody has added the new clip;

Funny clip, but good night, Nostalgia Critic was on to something when he brought up the term ‘movement porn’. The animation has left the audience so hypnotized that they can’t see how overworked it is. I saw one comment noticing how the animation was moving so frequently that the characters couldn’t be seen and it seems to have vanished in the Sea of ‘ZOMG BOOTIFUL ANIMATION’ comments.

I mean, it’s fine and dandy if they wanna show off their animation chops, but I think viewers can live if we don’t see Angel rolling his wrists to make a gesture or having to see him flip all the way over just to be on his stomach. Viv’s art style is very sharp and lanky, so smooth and endless animation works against it.

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I'd rather have a show with too much movement than too little movement. Yeah, it's a little bit of overkill, but I like it.


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The animation and designs are impressive. The writing needs some work, though.
I’ve already voiced my qualms about the animation, but I keep seeing comments about writing. What exactly is wrong with Viv’s writing?

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I feel as if the problem isn't that the problem isn't that there is too much movement but its too much going on, you have all of these weird designs and bright colors in so many scenes/frames that it sort of gives you a huge stimulus overload and so far every scene gives me a strong sense of claustrophobia. Hilda was also very animated but it didn't put a lot of stuff into a small space.

Though considering how the whole show is that "Hell is cramped and we need more room" maybe thats the feeling the animators wanted to give off which if thats the impression they wanted to give off, then Kudos.

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