Have you known something about C.A.R.R from Stroker and Hoop?

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If any of you were curious, here's what I have noticed about the car in Stroker and Hoop:
C.A.R.R sounds like Moose A. Moose of Noggin/Nick Jr.!!

I also found out that Paul Christie did the voice of C.A.R.R (thanks Wikipedia) so I think of Moose swearing stuff like, "Hey, 'flush' my a(butt)!!"

I also thought of Moose being awesome and kicking some butts as well!!

Oh! One more thing: I drew this picture of Moose catching Zee kissing Henrietta on DeviantArt!!
Mod note: Image removed due to inappropriate language.

What do you guys think of my VA joke thoughts?
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Yeah, Back to the Inkwell is for discussion of old theatrical shorts from the black and white era to the rise of TV (excluding Disney, which belongs in the Disney/Pixar board). In any case, there doesn’t seem to be much room for discussion here. Also, the picture has foul language and this is a family friendly board. I know it’s censored, but it’s still not allowed. I’m going to remove the image and close this thread.
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Keinichi Hamada (or whatever his name is spelled) from NHK World sounds like a Japanese equivalent of that guy from the Kingdouble Ceramic Knives infomercial
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