Have teenage characters ever appeared in preschool-oriented cartoons before?


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Jun 3, 2020
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I know there have been many regular kid cartoons (those aimed at 6 and up) that feature teenagers and even star them as the main characters, but I have yet to see any cartoons aimed at preschoolers (educational ones typically shown on Nick Jr., Disney Junior, PBS Kids etc.) where teenagers have appeared at least once. (I may know of some live-action shows, but those are disqualified since this is the animation board.) It does make sense to feature little children as the main cast members of a pre-school show with accompanying adults as supporting characters vital to the kids' actions and decision making, but it would be nice to include some adolescent characters as well to promote diversity and break the stereotype that all "big kids" are mean to the little ones.

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Apr 5, 2006
I want to add to this.

Has there any been any children shows that star characters over the age of 15?

Something like Wild Kratts?


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