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Sep 9, 2013
What were the last lines of "Harvey Beaks" from the end of "The End and the Beginning"?
First of all we're still in August, in case you didn't know! One month away from Nick CEE premiere. Second of all, I think it be better to wait until Nick USA will air last episode as it's unknown to us when it will premiere. So please be patient.


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Oct 23, 2015
London, UK
When Bad Seeds had to change its name, one of the new names C.H. Greenblatt wanted to call the show was Littlebark Grove.

However, Nick selected the new name:



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For some reason I keep being reminded of this post I made on a Black Clover talkback thread: C&C - Black Clover - "The One With No Magic" [9/8]

It seems like the inspiration for Maya comes from his wife, mother, and sister.
The good news is I'm not scared anymore. The bad news is, as I have absorbed things, I am now freaking infuriated.
For nick@nite, and I thought full house was the only one skipped.., now George lopez is doing the same thing.. early Mon Jun 1 3:30am was No Free Launch, then skipped episodes to A Kiss is Just Kiss episode aired early Jun 2 at 4am. Very weird for nick@nite, obvi a sign that show won't last long