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Twenty-five years ago today, Batman: The Animated Series debuted and, essentially, changed everything. The impact this series has, both to viewers and the industry as a whole, was nothing short of game-changing. As viewers all tuned in for the first time - be it for the actual first episode to air "The Cat and The Claw, Part One," or for any of the other special 'premiere' episodes to air over the following couple of days - it was obvious there was something a little different about this series. And, I think, we all knew it based on just the name. Batman: The Animated Series. What is it about that name that seems so . . . iconic? So definitive? I think that alone made the attraction to the series even stronger. And, like I said, millions of children, and adults, were sitting down to watch this show. It was Saturday morning, and I wasn’t watching.

In fact, I missed the Saturday premiere, “The Cat & The Claw, Part One,” and the special Sunday-premiered episode “On Leather Wings,” too. It wasn’t until Monday, September 7th, 1992, when “Heart of Ice” played. And I barely caught it, too. I actually had no idea there were two special weekend airings. Remember, this was before the internet and TV Guides, while handy, weren't really prominent in my house. We received a monthly guide that was notoriously out of date. And late. It never arrived on time. I caught a few commercials for Batman: The Animated Series over the summer, but none had any specific timeslot details until we inched closer to September and, even then, I must have missed the ones that promoted the special airings. I can remember leaping over furniture as the time ticked down to the 4pm start time on that Monday. I managed to set up the VCR and flip it to Fox just in time. Once that iconic intro started, I was hooked. No one could move me. As “Heart of Ice” unfolded, I couldn’t be budged from the spot at all. Except for the TV, everything around me was silent and still. And that was the beginning of a love affair that has lasted the better part of twenty years. Even as a young kid, I knew this was different.

Sure, other cartoons have come and gone, but Batman: The Animated Series has reigned supreme ever since. I always return to this show, regardless of whatever I find myself watching. One of the episode I always find myself falling back on is "On Leather Wings" and it still has the 'wow' factor. The animation, the pacing, the characters, the ... everything. And the same can be said about a lot of episodes. "Heart of Ice" still gets to me. "The Demon's Quest" is still a rollicking adventure piece. "Robin's Reckoning" still makes me cry. I can remember watching an episode as it premiered, usually at 4pm on Fox, and then watching it later that night, taped on my VCR. I can remember going through so many tapes.

And, I didn't realize it then watching that first episode, but this series has had a long-lasting impact on my life in countless ways. My hobbies, my interests, my goals, a fair amount of those can be tied back to this very show. It inspired my writing, my art, my taste in music and appreciation of movies. I actually wanted to be a policeman for the longest time because of this show. And there are times I wish I still took that option. All of that I got from Batman: The Animated Series. The simple, yet complex, designs of each character. The dialogue that never spoke down to the viewer. The amazing score which remains unrivaled to this day. And the cinematic direction of each episode, each episode itself having a film noir serial feel. I could go one and one about this series, but many have before me, and better, I might add.

Clearly, Batman: The Animated Series is basically the whole reason for this site. True, this site did start as a Superman: The Animated Series message board, but that was only because at the time, there were already a couple great Batman: The Animated Series sites up - namely Batman: The Animated Homepage and the original The Animated Bat website. The Animated Bat, home to the Bat-Toon Board, surged when The New Batman Adventures hit Kids’WB!, but slowly disappeared after that. Batman: The Animated Homepage, to make it really simple, merged with my Superman: The Animated Message Board (along with my Batman Beyond: The Animated Message Board and Batman: The Animated Message Board) and basically became this site. Now, it’s much more complicated than that. To anyone who's been around here since the board originally started in 1998, you know that there were major changes made almost constantly from the get-go. The site was always evolving, with nary a year going by without some major changes, the biggest of which easily being Toonzone welcoming us into the fold. I know I'm doing a massive injustice to everyone who helped and worked on this site over the years by glossing over it so much.

I'd say that it’s hard to believe that twenty-five years ago so many of us where sitting down to watch this show, but it's not. We knew. What makes me thrilled is how we all latched on to it and, twenty-five years later, we're keeping it alive. Heck, the creators on this series grew an entire universe out of it. It’s incredible for a show, any show, to still have such an impact on the fan base, and the industry, as a whole. When you think about it, the impact this show had on everything that came after it is truly stunning. There is an obvious influence in nearly every action/animated series from here on in thanks to Batman: The Animated Series. Who knew that, when we all sat down to watch this show, a whole universe would spawn from this series? That after it, Superman: The Animated Series would begin. That the creators behind the series would look into the future with the Batman Beyond. Of course, there’s also Justice League, as well, which would bring everything together in the end. Quite amazing, yes? And that's just counting the in-continuity DC Comics based shows. There are countless others obviously influenced by this series.

And it was the creators behind this show that made it so absolutely amazing. We had the likes of Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Eric Radomski, Stan Berkowtiz, Dwayne McDuffie, Boyd Kirkland, Dan Riba, Michael Reaves, Hilary Bader, among many others, who contributed. Even comic greats like Dennis O’Neil and Len Wein stepped in. And I know I’m missing awhile lot of people here, but there are just so many people that deserve thanking. Everyone had a role to play in the show, and the role was always crucial one. The storyboard artists, writers, designers, everything had to be in tandem to get the amazing results we were privileged to see. Everything came together in this series. Driven by powerful scores, thanks to the late (and missed) Shirley Walker, this show was something to behold. Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis also contributed, among many others, some memorable and unforgettable music. We've been insanely fortunate that La-La Land Records has released so much score material from the series and they're not done yet! Batman: The Animated Series is just the show that keeps on giving.

And who could forget Kevin Conroy as Batman? Or Mark Hammill as The Joker. And the list goes on, people. This series was cast perfectly. Every last role. I dare you to say otherwise. I won't bother listing every one because we already know them. If say "Paul Williams," you know which character he played. Or "Loren Lester." "Bob Hastings." The talent, and how synonymous they became with their characters, is pretty astounding. Not for every role, mind you, but every major role was memorable. There’s so much that can be touched upon here that I don’t think I could do it justice. I could write for days about this show. Not sure most of it would be worth reading, but I have plenty to say. And there's so many people, countless people, who deserve thanking.

Batman: The Animated Series will always remain that perfect distillation of what this character means. The perfect blend of ... everything. In those first 85 episodes, a perfect world was created for these characters. And then, with The New Batman Adventures ... that world started to grow. Everything fell into place and what we got was the Batman. This is my Batman, as far as I'm concerned. The perfect rendition of the character. Forget Burton, Nolan, Morrison, Miller, Synder, Aparo, Breyfogle, Adams, all of them. As prolific and historic as all those works can be considered, this, to me, is what got everything right. The comics can't beat it. The movies can't beat it. Even characters I cared little for here, at least, became a little bit more interesting. It has that quality about it that no other show had (or, debatably, has).

I guess, in the end, what kept me, and many others, going back to Batman: The Animated Series for years to come was how the show respected the characters. I think that has to do with the love the creators had for these amazing fictional creations. You could feel their appreciation for the characters and the hard work of the world they built in every frame. This was their show, and it was a labor of love. The creative team here stripped away the ridiculous and unnecessary aspects of the comic book lore and presented us with the best. They even created a few new things along the way, too, be it characters or status-quo alterations, which, in effect, brought out the best in the character, be it Batman, Superman, or whoever. They knew what worked, what didn’t, and what needed to be changed. What had a more dramatic impact? What was more important to the core of their character? What mattered most to them? What was real? They brought all these questions to the table and, from that, they created an amazing world.

And to think - this all started with Batman: The Animated Series. Twenty-five years ago. As we watched Batman chase down Red Claw and tangle with Catwoman, we knew what we were watching was pretty much golden, but who knew it's have such an everlasting effect That we’d be watching some of the most iconic, historic, and important animation we’d ever bear witness to? Animation that, to this day, is still an obvious influence on what we see on television. Quite an amazing legacy.

I could go on and on, but I'll spare you.

Happy 25th.

What are your thoughts and memories for Batman: The Animated Series' 25th Anniversary? What was its impact on you? And what do you think of its role in the industry and the series that came after it? Discuss!

Note: This post is a revised representaton of my 20th anniversary post from 2012.


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25 years.

I was only two when the show premiered, so I'm not sure how or where it landed in the UK/Ireland but everything about the show has been burned into my memory for as long as I can remember. The one-two punch of the Burton movies and this series made me such a huge fan of the character, its a flame that burns brightly even today. I remember destroying this VHS (and many others). No scene selections in the early 90's, kids:

Redan in the UK/Ireland published a monthly A4 magazine (with original stories and activities) every month and I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. I still have them somewhere. Of course, I was able to get as many issues of The Batman Adventures as possible as well.

Not to mention the endless toys and merchandise the show spawned over here. This being one of my personal favorites with the light up eyes:

What can be said about the show that hasn't already been said these past 25 years. I know we aren't supposed to have a definitive BATMAN, but this is about as close as it gets surely? The perfect distillation of everything that made the character and his supporting cast great. Nothing has come close since. Bruce Timm, Eric Radomski, Alan Burnett, Andrea Romano, Paul Dini, Shirley Walker & Co. plus many, many more came together at the right time and captured lightning in a bottle.

The voices on this show are still the pinnicle in my eyes (or ears)... Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Loren Lester, Arleen Sorkin, Adrienne Barbeau, Bob Hastings, Efrem Zimbalist Jr (RIP). Their work has lived on beautifully and their legacy is secured. Hopefully Conroy in particular gets to reign for many more years to come. I finally got to meet Kevin Conroy this past Summer and he was an absolute gentleman.

We've been spoiled with new action figures, statues, Funkos, amazing soundtrack releases and even Mask of the Phantasm on Blu-Ray. We even got to kind of, maybe, possibly return to the world with Batman and Harley Quinn this Summer.

Would I like more? Sure. They say you should never go back (and for some Batman and Harley Quinn proves that), but I say there is still more juice left in the DCAU. I'd love a new comic mini-series written by Paul Dini and drawn by Bruce Timm, Sub-Zero and possibly the series on Blu-Ray, a complete collection of soundtracks (Adventures of Batman and Robin), a return to Batman Beyond and maybe the odd Justice League adventure. A man can dream.

Thanks to everyone who worked on this ground-breaking show, which gave an only-child hours of entertainent and introduced him to one of the best characters ever conceived.

I'll be watching some tonight.

Happy 25th Anniversary...

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I love Batman: The Animated Series. It was dark, exciting, suspensful, and wonderful. The show pretty much changed Fox Kids. It was the first comic book cartoon (that wasnt a miniseries) on the network and it boosted its ratings up (along with X-Men). The villains were amazing, with characters like Clayface and Two-Face having sympathetic backstories. The villains honestly felt real and I really connected with them. The animation was beautiful with the art deco design and detailed characters. Its a little dated in some areas, but the animation still holds up and sometimes it feels very theatrical. The voice acting is amazing. Kevin Conroy is an amazing Batman and Mark Hamill is a fantastic Joker. My dad loves Mark Hamill's Joker. The action scenes were really good and suspensful as well. And the stories, my goodness, the stories were brilliant. They felt very well crafted, to the point where I am surprised this was a kids show. They had complex storytelling and it was always interesting to see what happens next. I also love it when villains have conversations with each other like in the episode Almost Got Im. I may love Batman Beyond more, but Batman: The Animated Series is such a well crafted and amazing show. For the kids who didn't have cable and only had access to PBS, CBS, Fox, NBC, and ABC, Batman: The Animated Series was a TV blessing for them. It was truly a dark and epic show.

On another note, my dad would watch this show a lot when it came out (before I was born). It was one of his favorite shows to watch on Fox Kids (along with Animaniacs) and he would watch it when he got home from work in the afternoons. He would also watch it when it was on Kids WB, Cartoon Network, Toon Disney, and The Hub. I have the complete series on DVD and me and my dad love watching it.

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I wasn't fond of the change in art style for the last 24 episodes of the show, I wasn't aware back then that they started a Superman show with updated art style a year before relaunching B:TAS, and two years after the episode Batgirl Return, the last episode with the old art style.

For the longest while, I thought Batman: TAS would last strong as my favorite cartoon, it's been on flux for the last few years, but the show remains a great deal of joy to my senses, and I really appreciate having the DCAU.

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I was only two when the show premiered, so I'm not sure how or where it landed in the UK/Ireand but everything about the show has been burned into my memory for as long as I can remember.
The series started over in the UK the exact same day as the US, September 5, 1992. Due to the shared premiere date, the first episode ever broadcast in the UK was in fact the very first episode shown on TV anywhere in the world, beating the US broadcast by several hours. It was the same episode that was shown later that day in the US, "The Cat and the Claw". Of course, the UK's weekly, rather than daily, broadcasts of the series meant that this occurrence never happened again.

Regarding the series itself, what more can be said that others haven't already? All the DCAU series are excellent, but for me those original 65 episodes of Batman are still the most impressive to revisit, even all these years later. Truly the definitive screen incarnation of the Darknight Detective.


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The series started over in the UK the exact same day as the US, September 5, 1992. Due to the shared premiere date, the first episode ever broadcast in the UK was in fact the very first episode shown on TV anywhere in the world, beating the US broadcast by several hours. It was the same episode that was shown later that day in the US, "The Cat and the Claw". Of course, the UK's weekly, rather than daily, broadcasts of the series meant that this occurrence never happened again.
That's really cool, Jon. T. I'm suprised you didn't have to wait alot longer for it. Was it shown on CITV?


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There have been other Batman animated series in the past two decades but Batman: TAS remains my favorite animated representation of the Dark Knight. The show has the perfect mix of action, drama, suspense and even some comedy here and there. It's pretty much what really got me into DC Comics (similar to how X-Men: TAS was basically my introduction to Marvel Comics around the same time). It's amazing to think its been 25 years since the show premiered, and even more amazing how it still sands as one of the best superhero cartoons ever made. The characters were well developed, and in some cases they even improved on their backstories (Mr. Freeze being the most notable example, I guess). The stories were clever and just didn't feel like a cartoon for kids. I enjoyed it a lot when I was younger but growing up I think I can appreciate the show even more. Maybe a few episodes haven't aged that well (or weren't that great to begin with), but even those have some good stuff in them. And the majority of the episodes are still masterpieces, as far as I'm concerned.

And when you think about it being just the prologue or first entry in the DC Animated Universe, it just becomes even more awesome. Many thanks to everyone involved with the show - producers, writers, directors, voice actors and anyone else who contributed and helped make the show what it is.

Happy 25th Anniversary, Batman: TAS! Here's to many more. I think the show will still be relevant many years from now on and any future cartoon will be compared with it someway or another (and chances are, the new show would still be inferior to B:TAS. :p)


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I actually just rewatched the first episode on dvd last week. While the show did make some nods to the first two Tim Burton/Michael Keaton movies, I remember I was disappointed when the show premiered that it wasn't an all out continuation of those movies. Regardless, it still remains my favorite Batman cartoon.


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Personally, I think if the show were to be an all-out continuation of the live-action movies at the time, it would have limited the stuff they could have done with Joker, Catwoman & Penguin. It probably would have still managed to avoid having to copy and repeat some scenes from the movies over and over again, like some recent Marvel cartoons.

I liked how B:TAS took inspiration from various other Batman projects or eras of the comics and merged them all together into something more unique.


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What more can I say that hasn't already been said a thousand times by this point, and with good reason?

Happy Anniversary Batman: The Animated Series. Thank you for charming and inspiring an impressionable young boy and helping him develop a decades long love of comics and Superheroes that's still going to this day.


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I can remember leaping over furniture as the time ticked down to the 4pm start time on that Monday. I managed to set up the VCR and flip it to Fox just in time.​
.....tell me you still have that VCR recording of that episode?!?!? Because that's awesome. I don't have any VCR recordings of the Fox Kids days, but I have plenty from the Kids WB era.

Anyway, my thoughts/recollections:

I've commented elsewhere previously, but I believe the 90's (as far as TV animation goes) didn't truly begin until the Fall of 1992. 1990 and 1991 felt like the leftover years for the 1980's.

I was in High School during the years "Batman: The Animated Series" was on Fox Kids. This show (along with Animaniacs and anime releases on VHS tapes), pretty much defined my High School experience. Furthermore, I was in college during the years "The New Batman Adventures" and "Batman Beyond" were on Kids WB, and those shows (along with "Gargoyles" and the early years of Toonami) defined my time in college, but I digress.

I must have caught enough promos/commercials warning me in advance, because I did catch the "sneak peak" premiere broadcast of "The Cat and the Claw" on Saturday, September 5th. That two-part episode is nothing revolutionary, but it's was a good, solid introduction.

The next night, I came home with my family from some sort of event (I can't remember now, some sort of church event, perhaps) just in time to catch the last 6 or 7 minutes of "On Leather Wings" (the Sunday Night "premiere" broadcast). The chase through the skies between Batman and the Man-Bat was thrilling and so spectacularly animated, you could tell this TV series was different than any cartoon that had come before now. Then, like a doofus, I missed the Monday afternoon weekday premiere of "Heart of Ice" (I forget what I was doing at the time that caused me to miss it) but after that day, I consistently watched every new episode broadcast, for the Fall of 1992, and on through the Spring of 1993.

It was the stuff of legends.
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That's really cool, Jon. T. I'm suprised you didn't have to wait alot longer for it. Was it shown on CITV?
It was shown on the CITV Saturday morning block of the time called What's Up Doc? Over 1992-1994 they went through 60 of the original 65 episodes produced. And even in retrospect it is indeed very surprising it premiered on UK television the same day as the US. Pretty much every other later DCAU series took longer to reach the UK, such as The New Batman Adventures, which took a staggering five years, and of course there were multiple seasons that were never originally broadcast in the UK at all, like Batman Beyond season 3 and Superman seasons 2-4.

Going back to the premiere of the first episode of Batman back in September 1992, in an odd parallel to the UK debut of that series, the final episodes of the final DCAU series, Justice League Unlimited, also premiered first in the UK, although in that instance predating the eventual US broadcasts by months rather than hours.


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It was shown on the CITV Saturday morning block of the time called What's Up Doc? Over 1992-1994 they went through 60 of the original 65 episodes produced. And even in retrospect it is indeed very surprising it premiered on UK television the same day as the US. Pretty much every other later DCAU series took longer to reach the UK, such as The New Batman Adventures, which took a staggering five years, and of course there were multiple seasons that were never originally broadcast in the UK at all, like Batman Beyond season 3 and Superman seasons 2-4.
Really interesting stuff. I guess the success of the Burton films really lit a fire and got the show syndicated around the world much quicker. A portion of Batman Beyond season 3 aired on Cartoon Network circa Fall 2006 (which was a bit random).


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I started Watching the whole DCAU for the first time last month, I'm already done with BTAS, STAS and TNBA.
All I can say is Batman The Animated Series is definitely one of the best and most influential TV shows of all time with amazing stories. At the moment I am writing a ranking with short reviews of all the episodes for all the dcau shows (except SS and Zeta) so here is my ranking from worst to best of all batman episodes and movies below:

Bad Episodes

Forgotten (Batman The Animated Series)
Prophecy of Doom (Batman The Animated Series)
Critters (The New Batman Adventures)
Terror in the sky (Batman The Animated Series)
The Underdwellers (Batman The Animated Series)
Batman : Mystery Of The Batwoman (Batman Movie)

Meh Episodes

Fire from Olympus (Batman The Animated Series)
Tyger, Tyger (Batman The Animated Series)
Moon of the Wolf (Batman The Animated Series)
The terrible Trio (Batman The Animated Series)
The lion and the unicorn (Batman The Animated Series)
I’ve Got Batman in my Basement (Batman The Animated Series)
Mean Seasons (The New Batman Adventures)
Cat Scratch Fever (Batman The Animated Series)
Torch Song (The New Batman Adventures)

Ok Episodes
The Dark Knight’s First Night (Batman Short):
The unofficial Batman Tas Pilot and the one that Bruce Timm showed for approval of the project. While in it’s few minutes of length, it shows Batman having spider sense and very very quick reflexes in how to dodge bullets which is not very Batman-y, it does however have great animation which would cement what Batman TAS would become.
You don’t need to watch it as it’s not really part of the canon unless you really want to know how it all started.

Vendetta (Batman The Animated Series)
The Mechanic (Batman The Animated Series)
Eternal Youth (Batman The Animated Series)
Off Balance (Batman The Animated Series)
Paging the crime doctor (Batman The Animated Series)
Christmas with the joker (Batman The Animated Series)
The Worry Men (Batman The Animated Series)
P.O.V (Batman The Animated Series)
The Last Laugh (Batman The Animated Series)

Entertaining & Good Episodes

Be a Clown (Batman The Animated Series)
It’s never too late (Batman The Animated Series)

On Leather Wings (Batman The Animated Series)
This first episode to Batman The Animated Series and The DCAU alltogether is a perfect opener to what will become a vastly rich universe. Where various franchises fail most of the time is that they either think they need to start big or have easter eggs everywhere in order to set up a thousands sequels. This Pilot does none of that as what it does instead is just give us a first look at the world of the dark knight and it’s dark themes. And I could not be happier as what we get is magnificent with amazing animation, perfect voice acting (Kevin Conroy is the definitive Batman), cool music and lots of promise for the future.

What is Reality ? (Batman The Animated Series)
House and Garden (Batman The Animated Series)
Blind as a bat (Batman The Animated Series)
Animal Act (The New Batman Adventures)
Time out of Joint (Batman The Animated Series)
Love is a croc (The New Batman Adventures)
Sideshow (Batman The Animated Series)
Bane (Batman The Animated Series)
Avatar (Batman The Animated Series)
Joker’s Wild (Batman The Animated Series)
Cold Comfort (The New Batman Adventures)
Hearts of steel (Batman The Animated Series)
Chemistry (The New Batman Adventures)
Showdown (Batman The Animated Series)
See No Evil (Batman The Animated Series)
Zatanna (Batman The Animated Series)

Great Episodes

Read my lips (Batman The Animated Series)
You scratch my back (The New Batman Adventures)
The cat and claw (Batman The Animated Series)
Pretty Poison (Batman The Animated Series)
Fear of Victory (Batman The Animated Series)
The Demon Within (The New Batman Adventures)
Cult of the Cat (Batman The Animated Series)
Lock Up (Batman The Animated Series)
The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy (Batman The Animated Series)
If You’re so smart, Why aren’t you rich ? (Batman The Animated Series)
Nothing To Fear (Batman The Animated Series)
His silicon Soul (Batman The Animated Series)
Make Em laugh (Batman The Animated Series)
Harley’s Holiday (Batman The Animated Series)
Sins of the Father (The New Batman Adventures)
Baby Doll (Batman The Animated Series)
Holiday Knights (The New Batman Adventures)
Mad as a Hatter (Batman The Animated Series)
The Laughing Fish (Batman The Animated Series)
Joker’s Millions (The New Batman Adventures)
Night of the Ninja (Batman The Animated Series)
Never Fear (The New Batman Adventures)
Appointment in Crime Alley (Batman The Animated Series)
Dreams in darkness (Batman The Animated Series)
The Ultimate Thrill (The New Batman Adventures)
Mudslide (Batman The Animated Series)
Girl’s night out (The New Batman Adventures)
Feat of Clay (Batman The Animated Series)
Batman & Mr Freeze : SubZero (Batman Movie)
The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne (Batman The Animated Series)

Excellent Episodes

Catwalk (Batman The Animated Series)
Batgirl Returns (Batman The Animated Series)
Double Talk (The New Batman Adventures)
Birds of a feather (Batman The Animated Series)
Growing Pains (The New Batman Adventures)
Shadow of the Bat (Batman The Animated Series)
A bullet for Bullock (Batman The Animated Series)
Legends of the Dark Knight (The New Batman Adventures)
Judgement Day (The New Batman Adventures)
Day Of the Samuraï (Batman The Animated Series)
Old Wounds (The New Batman Adventures)
The Demon’s Quest (Batman The Animated Series)
Riddler’s Reform (Batman The Animated Series)
The clock King (Batman The Animated Series)
Deep Freeze (Batman The Animated Series)
Second Chance (Batman The Animated Series)
Harlequinade (Batman The Animated Series)
Beware the Gray Ghost (Batman The Animated Series)
Perchance to Dream (Batman The Animated Series)

Amazing & Legendary Episodes

Robin’s reckoning (Batman The Animated Series)
Harley and Ivy (Batman The Animated Series)
I am the night (Batman The Animated Series)
Mad Love (The New Batman Adventures)
Two Face (Batman The Animated Series)
The Joker’s Favor (Batman The Animated Series)
Trial (Batman The Animated Series)
Heart of ice (Batman The Animated Series)
Over The Edge (The New Batman Adventures))
Almost Got ‘im (Batman The Animated Series)
Batman : Mask of the Phantasm (Batman Movie)
The man who killed Batman (Batman The Animated Series)
I used to watch this show off and on as a little kid whenever my mom was willing to go out and rent the VHS tapes from my local video store. I knew I liked what I was watching, but I didn't really understand its greatness to the level that I do now. After I turned about 7, 8, or 9 years old, I didn't watch it for years and years. But one day when I was 17, I flipped on my TV to the Hub network, and managed to catch an episode. I was hooked, and over the next week I tried to catch it whenever it was on, getting my brother to watch it with me. That renewed my interest of not just Batman the Animated Series, but Batman, comic books, and superheroes in general, and I hold those nights incredibly close. I got the complete series for my birthday, and that Christmas I managed to get pretty much the whole rest of the DCAU that was currently on DVD, and that whole series has become my favorite TV series of all time. It's the reason I'm on this site, it's the reason I got back into cartoons, it's the reason why Batman beat out Spider-Man as my favorite superhero, it's the reason I even decided to check out Avatar the Last Airbender (but that's another story). Like everyone else, the show kinda shaped some of my hobbies and a bit of my personality when I was not just a little kid watching it, but when I decided to check it out again. When watching the DCAU (one episode per night), that's when I spent the most amount of time with my brother. And when the rest of Static Shock gets released, we'll be watching the entire thing again, complete with Batman and Harley Quinn.
Happy anniversary, Batman TAS.


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I remember watching this show and the other DCAU shows when I was younger, but I didn't catch every episode that aired. I was watching JL and JLU as well, but I also didn't actively keep up with them for reasons I can't remember, but I did catch the "multiple" endings of JLU, and that was that.

Then 2008 rolled around with Batman:TBATB, and that's when I suddenly remembered this show. I looked around for episodes of Batman:TAS as well as the related shows, eventually buying them all on DVD, and these have become some of my personal favorite shows.

So while I wasn't keeping up with this line of shows at first, I'm glad I was able to catch up to them. And I have Batman:TBATB to thank for that, also another great show that I love.


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It's hard to believe I watched the show since it's debut with "The Cat and the Claw" on TV. Of course I was never able to watch it regularly and I saw the whole show out of order, and I missed most episodes in the Fox Kids days.

It was also not my "main" show, as I was a huge Ninja Turtles fan and the original 80's show was what I watched religiously, and then the Pokemon/Dragonball Z era came alone with the 2k3 series. But B:TAS and the other DC shows were also a huge part of my childhood and teen years. Also watched TNBA and S:TAS when they aired on KidsWb along with Batman Beyond all on the weekend and weekday blocks.

The whole DCAU is a huge part of my childhood/teen years.


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Figured I'd share some other memories of the broadcast history of "Batman: The Animated Series":

As I have written about in years past, there was a time period where "B:TAS" aired in Prime Time on FOX on Sunday nights (from December 1992 to March 1993). That period of 14 to 15 weeks signaled to me that FOX knew they had a huge hit on their hands that might've made for a nice contrast to "The Simpsons" in the evenings, if they had just kept airing it in the evenings.

Also, The Final Five broadcast episodes of the original "B:TAS" ("The Terrible Trio", "Showdown", "Catwalk", "A Bullet for Bullock", and "The Lion and the Unicorn") were held back and did not air until September 1995. With that much time passing between new episodes (Fall of 1994 to Fall of 1995) I thought the show had ended, and within a few months, the series was dropped off Fox and put on the new "Kids WB" (a channel I couldn't get at first),. Therefore, I didn't catch those final episodes until I saw them broadcast on Cartoon Network, around 1999 or maybe 2000.

As far as broadcast history beyond that (you guys let me know if this is incorrect):

I think reruns of "B:TAS" started airing on "Kids WB" in 1996 (maybe they didn't start airing until September 1996?).

New episodes (now called "The New Batman Adventures" aka "The New Batman/Superman Adventures") started in September 1997, with the final episode airing in January, 1999 (which is about when I personally rediscovered the show.).

The Toonami wiki says Cartoon Network got the right to start broadcasting "B:TAS" in March, 1998. It was added to the Toonami block in July, 2000. I have memories of catching it late at night (maybe around 11 pm or midnight?) on Cartoon Network, back in 1998 or 1999. This was before Toonami started "The Midnight Run" on weeknights in 2000. That was the era that gave us this famous bumper (starring Batman) on Cartoon Network.

"B:TAS" left Toonami in February, 2001. It left Cartoon Network sometime in 2003, or early 2004 (with the "Powerhouse" era ending and "Adult Swim" taking over, it was phased out).

From there, it went to Boomerang, where it aired often in the evening or late at night. If interested, here is one of my recordings showing "B:TAS" was on the line-up at midnight on Boomerang in the Fall of 2005. So it was on Boomerang from 2004 to 2007, I believe.

From there, the show joined Toon Disney/Jetix in September 2007 (once again, I have memories of it airing in the evening or late at night). It stayed on that channel until some time in 2009 or 2010.

Finally, after that, "The Hub" starting broadcasting "B:TAS" in September 2011, airing it up until some point in 2013.

I'm not sure it's been broadcast anywhere since 2013...but that's an amazingly healthy and long stretching broadcast life.
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It was, to me, appointment television whenever possible. Problem was, the only time I could see it on weekdays was when I was on vacation from work. Saturdays, no problem. Sunday nights when it aired, no problem. The animation was a throwback to the Fleischers' Superman shorts more than 50 years earlier, and such a contrast to the cookie cutter animation kids were being spoon fed back then.


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I think reruns of "B:TAS" started airing on "Kids WB" in 1996 (maybe they didn't start airing until September 1996?).
Actually, Batman: The Animated Series didn't start airing on Kids WB until Fall 1997. Fox actually had a 5 year contract with WB on Batman, so Fox had to air it until Fall 1997. Then Kids WB started airing it.

Here's some proof. This was a promo aired during July 1997. Jump to 2:25 to see the promo.


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