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Feb 23, 2011
Milwaukie, Oregon
For all those of you out there familiar with the Hanna-Barbera Home Video VHS tapes, here are some facts:

The very first issues to carry the label circa 1988, in the traditional Worldvision Home Video clamshell-type casing, also carry the byline, "Distributed by Worldvision Home Video, Inc. Not affiliated with World Vision International, a religious and charitable organization."

Originally, the H-B library on VHS was issued "lock, stock and barrel" through Worldvision Home Video (WVHV is used, rather than WHV, to avoid confusion with Warner Home Video), between 1983 and 1988.

However, in 1989, the reference to Worldvision Home Video was eliminated, and the casing type switched from the clamshell case to a cardboard slip cover. It was also at this time that HBHV would have its own distinct opening logo, which is set to a rendition of the Flintstones theme song ("Meet the Flintstones").

On circa 1987-88 issues (as issued by Worldvision Home Video), there was a placeholder card that read "HANNA-BARBERA HOME VIDEO PRESENTATION" on VHS tapes (it flies from a distance, like one version of the 1985 Nelvana logo) following both the Worldvision Home Video logo and the H-B Swirling Star closing logo. Included in these issues, after the logos, are various commercials, including those for General Foods/Post cereals with H-B characters, and promotional ads for other HBHV titles. But on the 1988-89 tapes with the HBHV label, the WVHV logo is eliminated entirely (but its familiar FBI warning screen is intact), giving us only the Swirling Star and the HBHVP logo (and the commercials/promos).

The later 1989 to 1991 tapes (before Turner's takeover of H-B) had the HBHV logo with the Flintstones theme. This appears on my 1989 issue of the "Yogi Bear's All-Star Comedy Christmas Caper" VHS. Also eliminated from the mid-1989 releases are the various General Foods/Post cereal commercials featuring H-B characters, but the promos for other HBHV titles remained, this time relegated to the end of the tape.

Following Turner's takeover of H-B in 1991, the HBHV label would become a sub-label of Turner Home Entertainment (just as it had been back in 1988, when HBHV was initially established as a sub-label of Worldvision Home Video), and so post-1991 to 1996 releases would have the THE logo on the packaging. A new "Hanna-Barbera Presents" opening logo (blue text on black background, with H-B name in its script) was seen on these issues, including my 1992 issue of the "The Flintstones Meet Rockula & Frankenstone" VHS. No promos for other HBHV titles were seen.

In 1996, Turner was bought out by Time Warner Entertainment. Future releases would carry the Warner Home Video (WHV) label.


1983-87 Worldvision Home Video releases of H-B material: WVHV logo, then Hanna-Barbera Swirling Star logo.

1987-88 Worldvision Home Video releases of H-B material: WVHV logo, H-B Swirling Star logo, then placeholder Hanna-Barbera Home Video logo, then Post cereal commercials and HBHV promos.

1988-89 Hanna-Barbera Home Video releases (with Worldvision Home Video byline): H-B Swirling Star logo and placeholder Hanna-Barbera Home Video logo, Post cereal commercials, HBHV promos.

1989-91 Hanna-Barbera Home Video releases (w/o Worldvision Home Video byline): HBHV logo, HBHV promos (the latter at end of tape).

1991-96 Hanna-Barbera Home Video releases (with Turner Home Entertainment byline): new Hanna-Barbera Presents (blue text on black background) opening logo. No HBHV promos.

What do you think? Should I correct and/or add anything in this timeline?


Eric Brown

Sep 17, 2005
Minnesota, USA

Observation side note. I recently picked up a VHS video, "The Emperor's new Clothes", from a dollar store. The video packaging was plain - no reference as being an H-B home video. Having noted the existance of this video for years and knowing it was an H-B cartoon, I had never viewed it.

What's interesting is that the actual video had the standard H-B swirling star intro with the Flintstone theme, introducing it as a standard H-B home video. I believe this video was made for and distributed by the Hallmark Corp.

Video review ? Typical of the H-B late 80s and well below average.


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