Halo 3 Themed Episode of Discovery Channel's "Future Weapons" Tonight at 8pm EST

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Time to get my "Game face" on
Jul 20, 2003
Tucson, Arizona
Imagine having these weapons in a game of Halo 3.

Ah Future Weapons. I've been hooked on this show almost since the fourth or fifth episode, and now tonight, they're doing a Halo 3 Variant? This one does sound like fun. I mean when you think about Future Weapons, you get to see a lot of new modern Technology that will be put out there on the front line. My favorite episodes or segments include:

The XM982 Excalibur 155mm Howitzer Shell - This 155 mm projectile is in fact the first howitzer shell that can be programmed to hit a target up to 25 Miles away, and it has an accuracy that is so precise the error factor is up to only 7 meters (about 25 feet) in any direction. So with this device you can drop a 155 mm howitzer shell on a target without having collateral damage.

The Cornershot Pistol/Rifle - This weapon that was developed by the Israeli military gives the shooter a new way to attack the enemy, and that is of course the ability to see and even shoot around a corner without giving away your position (Imagine this one in a game of Halo 3. Taking our your opponent without them being able to get you, unless they had the same weapon.)

The M109A6 Paladin Self Propelled Howitzer - Now when you mix this weapon with the Formerly mentioned Excalibur, you get one devestating weapon set. I mean the Paladin is computer controlled and with more than one of these howitzers, you can do a "Time on Target" set, and if you add in the GPS Guided Excaliber, 4 Paladin Howitzers can easily take any target and turn it into rubble..as you have 4 (or more) Excalibur shells screaming in ..at the same time!..(Try that one in Halo 2!)

The Javelin - This "Fire and Forget" weapon is built for Anti-tank Capabilities and with one shot, this weapon can take out a tank, with 3 high energy darts that spiral in to the target... And if you think it can take out tanks? Imagine using it against a plane (yes you can do it too!) But it's a shoulder mounted Fire and forget weapon, and once you fire, you can move on to another target.. (I bet the Halo fans would love that one!)

But these are just a few weapons that they've shown on Future Weapons, and this is just a small taste of what could be on the battlefield. But imagine this stuff in a game of Halo 3. Can we say, Frag your enemy without being seen? I knew we could.

But believe me I hope that this episode tonight gives us a look at Halo 3 based ideas..and i'll be watching.. that's for sure.