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ça va nog wel
I typed in the Dutch lyrics of a Cartoon Network show and translated it to English with Google Translate. Can you guess what it is?

Whoever injures himself in his head gets a bonus
My sister comes from a planet with capzones
My mom is a famous astronaut elsewhere
My dad is rector at my school, that's a mistake
And then suddenly that train comes
Now I have cartoon monsters in my brain
Nobody understands me, because no man can see them
Only a fool, who wants my head
I do not want that
Robin wants to build friendship with me
And keep my mind
Jimmy's Tick brain ♫

Now let's try something harder. I took the Dutch lyrics of a cartoon and used Google Translate to translate it to English, then to Arabic, Macedonian, Punjabi, Chinese (traditional), Finnish, Sinhala, Sudanese, Polish, Greek, and then back to English. Can you guess which cartoon it is?

♫ Online-bad
Will kill you
accidents now digitally
It will also bite heroin very quickly
There is still a threat
The lichen code, we can solve it
Lichen code, we can defy it
Lichen code or when
Lichen won the war ♫
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ça va nog wel
Correct :) Anyone can post lyrics here btw.

"It will also bite heroin very quickly" comes from 't Zijn de bits en de bytes en het gaat allemaal zo vlug, which means "It's the bits and the bytes and everything goes so fast".


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From Japanese to English back to Japanese and English again. Then to French, then German, then Danish, then Finnish, then Portuguese, now back to English.

♫ Hit the gas! No need to change owners, it's true!
We want to go all night.
Finally I complain, the balance is zero, yes!
We murmur the day ...

Open your mind a little and pull someone for you.
Your feelings will surely reach the deepest.

Fast! Pull!
All my legs are confused, but surely they will take me very far ...
Although I could steal and capture,
If it's not you, what's the point?

That's why I will continue! ♫

Hint: It aired on Cartoon Network.


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The answer is Naruto. It's the second OP "Haruka Kanata"

Here are the Japanese lyrics:

♫fumikomu ze akuseru kakehiki wa nai sa sou dayo
yoru wo nukeru
nejikomu sa saigo ni sashihiki zero sa sou dayo
hibi wo kezuru

kokoro wo sotto hiraite gyutto hiki yosetara
todoku yo kitto tsutau yo motto sa aa

iki isoide shiboritotte
motsureru ashi dakedo mae yori zutto sou tooku he
ubaitotte tsukandatte
kimi janai nara imi wa nai no sa

dakara motto motto motto haruka kanata♫

Here are english lyrics:

♫Hit the gas! There's no need to finagle, oh yeah!
We'll go all through the night.
I'll complain at the end, the balance is zero, oh yeah!
We'll whittle the days away...

When you open your heart a little, and pull someone close to you,
Your feelings will surely reach them deeper, yeah...

Hurry it up! Wring it out!
Though my legs are all tangled, they will surely take me far...
Even if I steal it and manage to grasp it,
If it isn't you, then what's the point?

So I'll go further and further away!♫
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