Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout "Money Changes Everything" Talkback (Spoilers)

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Mar 8, 2009
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Check out Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! Disney XD will air two new episodes, today starting at 8:00AM ET!

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout "Money Changes Everything"
Episode Debut - April 8th, 2018
Written by - Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Directed by - Jeff Wamester

The Guardians now have everything they ever dreamed of – fame, fortune, and riches. Although boundless wealth can’t buy Rocket the #1 spot in the world of bounty hunting and money can’t solve Groot’s problems when he is stranded on a desert planet.


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Side-Note: If possible, please try and discuss the events of each new episode airing today in its respective talkback thread.
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Gold Guy

Ride On
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Dec 14, 2008
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Rocket's plot was really amusing. This is how rich people lose their money - by spending it all willy-nilly in a game of "My thing is bigger than your thing!"

Groot's wasn't as good, unfortunately. I like that they were going for a more emotional story, but we didn't really have time to get to know those two aliens.

Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
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Framingham, MA
Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout! "Money Changes Everything"

I love me some Wraith, but the Rocket stuff is otherwise super annoying. Simply because Rocket is always creating his own unnecessary problems.

The stuff with Groot was much cooler. I was angered he was taken advantage of and robbed, but I found his relationship to that farm girl sweet. And I loved him helping her and her father find a desperately needed vein of underground water.

Groot stuff: Good. Rocket Stuff: Not so much. ***.

Rick Jones

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Feb 27, 2008
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177A Bleecker Street
Rocket really gets on my nerves in this show and, ever since watching Blank Check as a little kid, nothing annoys me more than watching someone blow through a lot of money like an idiot. It was nice to see Wraith but this story made me not want to watch the rest of the episode. It felt weird to see how quickly he separated from Groot, once the money came in as well. The whole disbanding, honestly, felt weird.When I heard that the team would come into a lot of money, I didn't think it would come and go this easily.

Groot's story was really sweet though it would have been nice to see how it might have worked as a full episode. It felt a little similar to stuff like Batman's The Forgotten or Avatar's Zuko Alone. It sucked to see how easily the two bandits were able to take advantage of Groot. I can't imagine that he and Rocket wouldn't track those guys down when they paired up again but I guess this was just the setup for the rest of the story.


Lonely Prince
Aug 8, 2014
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The Dark World
Splitting the team up was an interesting choice. Shakes things up and gives the characters something different to do now that their lives have taken a turn for the better.

Rocket's plot was both predictable and fun to watch. Rocket's obsession with gizmos and respect pretty much ensured he'd squander his fortune immediately. Lightweight but satisfying, this show in a nutshell.

Pretty much the same for the Groot storyline. We've seen this story countless times with Iron Giant, E.T., even Shane. A down and out traveler wanders into a small community and is initially met with disdain/fear by elders and curiosity/affection by the youth. He uses his amazing powers to save day and then it's time to go. Again, lightweight but satisfying. I was confused about the beginning. It's a funny scene, Groot trying to catch a ride in a spaceport, but he couldn't just ask Quill to drop him off?


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