"Green Eggs & Ham" Talkback Thread (Spoilers)

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Apr 11, 2015
Netflix still has it listed on their media center site's list of upcoming originals.


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Jul 1, 2018
We also have a cast, synopsis, and preview image!

  • Adam Devine (Pitch Perfect) as Sam I Am
  • Michael Douglas (Ant-Man and the Wasp) as Guy Am I (aka: the guy who doesn't like Sam I Am or Green Eggs and Ham)
  • Ilana Glazer (Broad City) as Eb,
  • Diane Keaton (Book Club) as Michellee,
  • Keegan-Michael Key (Friends From College) as the Narrator
  • Eddie Izzard (The LEGO Batman Movie) as Snerz
  • Jeffrey Wright (Westworld) as McWinkle
  • Jillian Bell (Workaholics) as Gluntz
  • John Turturro (Transformers: The Last Knight) as Goat
  • Tracy Morgan (What Men Want) as Fox
  • Daveed Diggs (Blindspotting) as Mouse
"The story of Green Eggs and Ham is like a postmodern Plains, Trains and Automobiles through the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss. Sam rescues the rare Chickeraffe from the Glurfsburg Zoo, hides it in a briefcase, and attempts to make his way to Meepville where he can charter a cold air balloon to take the Chickeraffe to his island home. Guy just flopped his last big chance at being a world famous inventor for the industrial Snerz Co. He packs up his invention in a briefcase and resigns to give up on his dreams and become a paint watcher.

A chance meeting at a diner with Sam, and a switch up with the briefcases results in these two unlikely souls getting mixed up on an adventure that takes them on a journey of self discovery. Our two mismatched heroes cross paths with overprotective Michellee, whose daughter, EB, desperately wants a pet, and falls madly in love with the Chickeraffe… despite her mother’s fears that it will eat off her face (it won’t). Michellee’s walled up heart also connects with the heart-hardened Guy. And a laborious love story begins. Our fakakta foursome are also unknowingly pursued by a bounty hunter goat, two bad guys, and a villain who’s out to get the Chickeraffee as his ultimate trophy."

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Lovely, in my most wonderful way!
Jul 5, 2010
This reminds me so much of a 90's cartoon or animated movie. I cannot wait!


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Jun 27, 2007
Newington, CT, USA
I'm made to understand that this whole show is some big-name celebrity's vanity project, so the connection to the source material is pretty much irrelevant.
And for this reason...

I will not watch it in my house
I will not watch it with a mouse
I will not watch it here or there
I will not watch it anywhere!
I will not watch Green Eggs and Ham
I will not watch it, 'flix-I-Am!

To both Netflix, and whoever made this show, try again...

Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
And for this reason...

I will not watch it in my house
I will not watch it with a mouse
I will not watch it here or there
I will not watch it anywhere!
I will not watch Green Eggs and Ham
I will not watch it, 'flix-I-Am!

To both Netflix, and whoever made this show, try again...
You're an adult, right? Or at least too old for Dr. Seuss? Why should WB or Netflix care if you don't want to watch it?


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Nov 1, 2013
Jeez, I have no idea who thought it was a good idea to make a 13 episodes series about a 32 page picture book but man they should get a promotion because I am loving this.


Oh yeah. It's all coming together.
Dec 3, 2017
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*sobs uncontrollably, then wipes tears from eyes.*

Okay, y’all.

Sifting through this thread, I understand what many of you may be thinking. “Green Eggs and Ham as a Netflix series? What is this crap? How can ya turn a Dr. Suess book into a meaning children’s series with heartfelt moments, strong writing and characters that you’ll be rooting for all the way through?”

I don’t know what kind of people Ellen hired, but they somehow were able to accomplish this monumental feat.

I’m just gonna come right out and say it: this is one of the best animated series I have seen this year. Easily rivals with Tangled: The Series. Actually, it’s one of the best I’ve seen in the past five years. Ten years. Might even make my top five list of all time.

Because it’s just that good. Everything was clearly planned out from the beginning and wrapped up in a nice bow at the end while still leaving room for more. I love how the first season was a self-contained story—almost like watching a five and a half hour movie—yet a second season is on the horizon based on
the cliffhanger showcasing Sam’s discovery of his mother’s location, something I totally saw coming. Guess Sam and Guy are off on another adventure!
The only bad part is that the series will probably have a two and a half year hiatus between seasons because the animation is so complex and takes a lengthy amount of time to complete. *sigh* Guess I’ll see you in May 2022, Green Eggs and Ham.

Anyway, I’ll get to the more spoilery-stuff now if anyone cares to read my thoughts.

-Keegan Michael Key's narrative was a nice touch. I loved how he broke the fourth wall within the first minute of the first episode and a few other times throughout the show. I just wish he was in it more.
-I saw many of the twists coming, but some truly did catch me off guard. I was kind of shocked when it was revealed that McWinkle and Glutz actually were working toward saving the chickeraffe. The show did a good job framing them as the true antagonists. I was also surprised when Sam was revealed to be a master criminal. I knew he wasn’t really an “animal expert” based on several dialogue hints, but I didn’t expect him to be working with Snerz to capture Mr. Jenkins. He really just seemed like your average happy, go-lucky dude who had good intentions. With his mother abandoning him, I guess the identity issue makes since, but still, it’s so weird to think of him as a convict! My favorite disguise was Bamboozle McHoaxypants, although the lady doctor one was pretty funny, too. Sam’s criminal past is something I want to see explored in season two. The motives for it were inferred, but not covered in depth (i.e. Sam mentioning the reason for all of his false identities was because no one wanted him to stay the same person). I wonder if during the crew’s journey next season, people from Sam’s past will affect the plot in some way.
-The B.A.D. G.U.Y.S. acronym was really clever and also made for a good gag. I loved the conversation between Glutz and Guy’s mother.
-I didn’t care much for The Goat. I liked his running gag of saying, “I’m on the [insert mode of transportation here],” but that’s about it. He just seemed like another obstacle the writers threw in to eat up time.
-I know I'm not the first one to stay this, but the animation is just gorgeous. I can see why this is the most expensive animation series to date and on top of that, took four years to complete from greenlight to premiere. Not only are the backgrounds gorgeously painted, but the characters and other moving features are animated so fluidly that they move seamlessly. You can tell that certain elements in the show are CGI animated (ex. Carnival ride) but it isn't bothersome because they fit right into the environment. Also, this show has displayed some of the most eloquent facial expressions I have ever seen on any animated characters. Every little muscle is taken into account. A facial line will shift slightly and it completely changes the emotion of the character. Clearly, the animators studied human facial anatomy to a T before working on this series. The characters had an amazing range of emotions, especially Sam.
-Other than The Goat, there really weren't any characters I disliked. There were a few I wasn't a big fan of (Snerz, the Fox, the Mouse, etc.) but I don't think that they were unnecessary or poorly written. Two of my favorite characters were Glutz and E.B. At first, I thought Glutz was just going to be the stereotypical goofy sidekick to the villain, but she actually turned out to be pretty funny. I cracked up at her one line about catching onto Sam's green eggs and ham diet "three episodes ago." E.B. was a cool character in general. She spunky, sweet and smart, and I found her casting to be fitting. I thought they fleshed out her and Michellee's relationship very well. It made me appreciate the duo even more. But the real stars were the main characters. I found myself feeling more and more bad for Guy as the story unraveled. He basically had no confidence whatsoever, even when his family tried to convince him that he was great. The "fake flattery" reminded me of something that a person with depression would say. Dark, but real and relatable. And then there's Sam, a character who turned out to be waaaaay more complex than I thought. His mannerisms eerily reminded me of Wander from Wander Over Yonder at the beginning, from his excited gasps to his large floppy hat. It was hard for me not to imagine Jack McBrayer voicing him, but instead we got Pizza Steve. Only, as the series went on, I began to see the mature edge that Sam possessed. Makes me wonder if the WOY writers planned to have a similar story arc for Wander in the non-existent third season. I really liked the backstory they gave Sam, and although the convict thing was kind of shocking, it still fit somehow. I would have to that Sam is easily my favorite character in the series.
-This show did not hesitate with the heartfelt moments. I was practically BALLING during the scene in episode ten where Sam revealed to Guy why he ate green eggs and ham all the time. I suspected something fishy was up with Sam's mother since he kept mentioning her in several episodes, but I never would have made the connection that the dish was Sam's one sole memory of her. It was a brilliant twist! The thing is that none of these sad scenes were poorly written. In fact, I think all of them had believeable dialogue that wasn't over the top "in your face" sappy.
-The Dr. Suess references were so much fun. I didn't read much Dr. Suess as a kid, but I knew enough to where I could pick out a lot of things (One fish, two fish, etc.) It was also great how the writers took the original book and incorporated each element into the episodes somehow (ex. Box, fox, house, here, Guy refusing the green eggs and ham dramatically in episode 12 and then finally trying them in the finale).

Clearly, a staggering amount of time and effort was put into this thing, and the overall quality of the series is on par with shows like Gravity Falls, in my opinion.

With that being said...do me a favor and give Green Eggs and Ham a try. Trust me, friends, you'll most definitely cry!

...Dangnabbit. I've been thinking about this series too much.


Oh yeah. It's all coming together.
Dec 3, 2017
United States
Apologies for the double post, but this Facebook message from Snipple Animation Studios was posted by @SweetShop209 over on the Unikitty thread and it caught my eye.

Snipple Animation Studios worked on Green Eggs and Ham, and if you look towards the middle of the post, you can see that the studio is hiring animators for Green Eggs and Ham "season 2."

Guess this is an official confirmation?


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