Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, or Star vs. the Forces of Evil?

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Which of the three cartoons do you like the most?

  • Gravity Falls

    Votes: 15 60.0%
  • Steven Universe

    Votes: 7 28.0%
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil

    Votes: 3 12.0%

  • Total voters

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Dec 11, 2011
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They're the most talked about on 4chan/8chan, so I figured that I could make this thread based on which of the three shows you like most.

Out of the three, I personally would go with Gravity Falls, only because of the comedy. I like the other two, but their humor sucks IMHO. Gravity Falls manages to make me laugh in pretty much every episode.


Oct 16, 2015
I like star vs, but it's not even in the same league for me. It always felt a bit over hyped.
From the other 2, it depends on the day, I like them almost equally. I think that Gravity Falls is the objectively better show, but I'm feeling more Steven Universe at the moment, so I'll vote for it.

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Sep 26, 2011
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I know what I'm saying will sound harsh, and I'm well aware people love these shows to death, but I'm doing what's right for me here.

Gravity Falls is the only one capable of making me laugh in its quieter moments, honestly. The other 2 are horribly overrated bore-fests I'm surprised to have been keeping up with, as I further begin to look at & examine just about everything about them.

Then again, Gravity Falls is no saint in this regard, either. Damn thing didn't truly get legitimately good for me until Season 2, honestly. Sure, Season 1 had more good episodes than either other show mentioned here early on, especially on Star Vs.' case (Season 1 of that show pretty much sucked, IMHO - and Season 2's later stuff only makes up so much for it for me, honestly... SU does a better job in comparison, once it gets more serious as it goes along with the Gem-related lore, of course. Could still use some more violence, however.).

Like I said as an opening remark, these are my views (and only that.), and they might not be the best to bag, but I can't change how I feel unless it's me doing it.


Giving a slightly closer look.
Sep 3, 2013
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While all three of their shows have really strong elements going for them, Star Vs. and Steven Universe could sometimes fall a bit flat and both took a while to really find their footing.

Gravity Falls, however, always had a clear vision from the very start, never gets worse than mediocre even in the worst episodes (at last IMO), and has the distinction of being probably the single most quotable series since classic Simpsons.


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Sep 10, 2006
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Steven Universe, hands down. As a geology major, I love the concept of minerals and rocks being characters. I like Gravity Falls quite a bit, but not as much as SU. Also, I know I'm in the minority here, but I like the first season of Gravity Falls better than the second. Star Vs is in a distant third for me. I don't exactly hate it but I watched season one on Hulu and I'm just not feeling it. Plus I cannot unhear Sue Heck's voice.


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Oct 5, 2014
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I'm going to say Gravity Falls of the three. It always did appeal to me the most of the other three, Star fails because It is unoriginal, Steven Universe ultimately relies on beauty and elegance in making heartouching stories, which bores me.

Gravity Falls however managed to do a lot better on what the other shows failed It can be brilliant with a cast of better people that seem genuinely close, have engaging antagonist and for another Disney show that took place in summer it didn't even made it blatant that its summer and they are trying to burn time. Also the humor is very effective as well.


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Apr 23, 2007
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Also, I know I'm in the minority here, but I like the first season of Gravity Falls better than the second.
I'm in the same camp, tbh. The Weirdmageddon stuff does nothing for me, and I much prefer the first's season's slightly more laid-back sense of humor. That, and I also felt that Gravity Falls tried a little too hard to fix its mistakes from early on to become too much of a perfect show, and started to lose a little of its charm for me.

So I guess I'm for Steven Universe, since in hindsight I'm not that into Gravity Falls, and I'm pretty behind on Star Vs.

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Oct 22, 2012
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Steven Universe > Gravity Falls >>>>>>>>>> Star vs the Forces of Evil

As much as I liked GF, SU is just a tad better. I think I like the "filler" episodes the most. I might be the only one, but I find it really fun to see Steven's day to day adventures with Connie, Lion, Greg and Sadie.

Screw you, plot progress! You're fun but definitely overrated.


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Jul 17, 2015
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Oh Gravity Falls for sure. Even it's most boring/filler episodes are still more entertaining than SU. Maybe it's because GF is closer to my interests, but I find it much better than SU, which for the life of me I cannot like.

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May 25, 2010
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Out of these three, Gravity Falls is definitely my favorite. Perfect in almost every way. Star Vs. comes second. Steven just doesn't appeal to me to be honest, similarly to other current CN originals, even though I can understand why people like it.


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Apr 10, 2017
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Have not seen Steven Universe, but will remedy that soon, but I'm hard pressed to think of a better modern animated show than Gravity Falls even given some of it's flaws in that I felt they focused too much on Dippers crush on Wendy(and sort of if that's the right term for it reviving it in the end after putting it done so well in the Bunker episode) and they could have developed her and Pacifica much more and the same goes for Mabel not having as many coming of age moments as Dipper or getting many things at Dipper's expense without the moral/Aesop about being a better sibling really sticking. Star is really god in my opinion, but it's character development is...not that great at times and some characters and their plot potential feel rather wasted(cough::Jackie::couch).


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