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Jan 20, 2009
Even though these children's videotapes from the 80s used "Picturemation" most of the time (very limited partial animation), I figured since it's an animated series of sorts that uses stock music for the majority of its' background music, I thought I'd list the stock music tracks used on these videos. I will start this out by just listing the music tracks. When I have more time I will start listing them by video title. All these tracks are from the KPM and Bruton libraries...

Abel the Ant - Johnny Pearson
Another Fine Mess - Pete Kelley
At Play - Jim Lawless
Before and After - Steve Gray
Bob a Job - David Snell
Booby Prize - Zack Laurence
Boosy Blues - Andrew Jackman
Bouncing the Ball - Ken Moule
Buffoonery - Van Phillips
Carnival at the Fair - William Merrick Farran
Ceremony - David Snell
Can't Catch Me - Richard Hill
Cheeky Theme - William Merrick Farran
Comic Fanfare (a) - Dick Walter
Comic Fanfare (b) - Dick Walter
Cooking the Joint (30) - Steve Gray
Country Bound (Opening) - Clive Hicks
Cross Talk - David Lindup
Damsel in Distress - David Lindup
Dodgey Roger - David Snell
Druids - John Leach
Elizabethan Galliard - Robert Cornford
The Entertainer - Zack Laurence
Feast - David Snell
The Final Accolade - Richard Harvey
First Night - Robert Earley, Clyde Hamilton
Flash Harry - Dick Walter
Flute Reggae - Clive Hicks
Folli the Foal - Andrew Fenner
Funny Face - Irving Martin, Brian Dee
Funny Little Man - Wyn Henry
Gala Premiere - Laurie Johnson
Gentle Loper - Johnny Pearson
Get to the Point - William Merrick Farran
Goodbye Rodney - Pete Winslow
Good Old Dixie - Pete Winslow
Gossip - Irving Martin, Brian Dee
Gwendoline (1) - John Hawkins
Gwendoline (2) - John Hawkins
Happy Go Lively - Laurie Johnson
Harpsichord Link (8) - Sam Fonteyn
Heart of the Forest - William Merrick Farran
Herald the Harpsichord - Sam Fonteyn
Holiday Playtime - King Palmer
Hopalong - David Lindup
Horseback Chase (1) - John Hawkins
It Happened One Night - William Merrick Farran
Joey the Juggler - Van Phillips
Jolly Farmer - Johnny Pearson
The King's Court (a) - Lewis Stern
The King's Court (b) - Lewis Stern
The King's Troop - John Leach
L'Esprit de Paris - John Leach
Lickity Split - Jack Dorsey
The Lights Fantastic - David Lindup
Lord Watkyn's Daunce - Garth Walters
Louisiana Fair - Zack Laurence
The March of the Ants - Sidney Crooke
Merry as a Grig - Van Phillips
Mischief - Jim Lawrence
Mister Big Feet - William Merrick Farran
A Motley Mob - Alec Gould
Off the Wagon - Alec Gould
Off to Play - David Snell
One Over the Eight - Leslie Pearson
Pals - David Lindup
Pearly King - Duncan Lamont
Perky Pinky - David Snell
The Pink Elephant - Duncan Lamont
Playing at Sailors - Ken Moule
Playing Soldiers - Ken Moule
Playing with Toys - John Fiddy
Pocket Full of Peanuts - Duncan Lamont
Post Haste - David Snell
Preface 1 - Paul Martin
Prestige Logo (a) - Paddy Kingsland
Puppet's Playtime - Harold Smart
Pussy Foot (1) - Brian Bennett
Pussy Foot (2) - Brian Bennett
The Queen's Minuet - Gareth Walters
Reinstating the King - Laurie Johnson
Round Xmas - Johnny Pearson
Royal Entrance - Dick Walter
Rustic Dance - Paddy Kignsland
The Sandman's On His Way - Jack Dorsey
Sarabande A Lute - Sam Fonteyn
Shock Horror - Dick Walter
Silly Chase - Trevor Bastow
Skipping - David Snell
Sleepy Shores - Johnny Pearson
Star Prizes (a) - Tony Kinsey
Stridin' Stomp - Keith Nichols
Strolling Players - David Snell
Strummin' That Old Banjo - Alan Parker and Alan Hawkshaw
Summer Thoughts - David Snell
Tom Fool - Van Phillips
Tomfoolery - David Snell
Tonight in Person - Keith Mansfield
Trombone Crazy - Duncan Lamont
Turkey Trot - John Longmire
Turn the Screw - Dennis Farnon
Vivat Regina - Laurie Johnson
Walking the Dog - John Fiddy
Wah Wah Blues - Duncan Lamont
Will He, Won't He - David Lindup
Winter's Wish - Dick Doerscruck
Without a Care (a) - Paddy Kingsland
Wooden Spoon (1) - Zack Laurence

Anyone is welcome to mention any other tracks I left out!
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Jan 14, 2020
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Herbert the Timid Dragon:
- Animal Anitics - Eugene Cines (KPM)
- Macabre - Johnny Pearson (Bruton) *
- Bassoon Harp Link - Johnny Pearson (Bruton)*

Super Grover:
- Perky Trumpet - Peter Winslow (KPM)

The Ugly Duckling:
- Jolly Cut - Clive Hicks (KPM)

The Emperor's New Clothes:
- Stately Minuet - Sam Fonteyn (KPM)
- Snooky's Tune - Sam Fonteyn (KPM)
- The Green Butterfly - Johnny Pearson (KPM)
- Majesty - Dick Walter (KPM)
- The Age of Baroque - Richard Harvey (KPM)
- Pageant [#6] - Alan Hawkshaw (KPM)
- Regency Buck - Sam Fonteyn (KPM)

Live and Learn segments:
- Spring to Life 2 - Steve Gray (Bruton)*
- Clod Hop - Harold Smart (KPM)
- On the Go - John Fiddy (Bruton) (on APM's website as "The Suns Out")
- Busybodies - John Fiddy (Bruton)
- Main Street - John Cameron (Bruton)
- Mini Movement (2) - Johnny Pearson (KPM)
- Time For Bed - John Fiddy (Bruton)
- Coloured Candles - Tony Hymas (Bruton)
- Slippery Sam - Harold Smart (KPM)
- Toad in the Hole - Harold Smart (KPM)

The House That Had Enough:
- Finish - William Merrick Farran (KPM)
- Animal Frolics - Alec Gould (KPM)
- Bass Clarinet Cue - David Snell (KPM)
- Mini Link (1), (2), (4), (10) - Johnny Pearson (KPM)
- Ears Pricked - Alec Gould (KPM)
- Oboe Cue 1 - David Lindup (KPM)
- Humorous Tuba - Peter Winslow (KPM)
- Baby Elephant - Dick Walter (KPM)

Richard Scarry's Animal Nursery Tales:

1. The Gingerbread Man:
- Magical Effect (C) - Paddy Kingsland (KPM)
- Big Bad Giant - Paddy Kingsland (KPM)

2. Goldilocks and the Three Bears:
- Happy Hippo - Harold Smart (KPM)
- Animated Links 1-16 - Harold Smart (KPM)
- Creepy Crawley - Harold Smart (KPM)
- Dark Doings - Simon Benson (KPM)
- Pink Elephant - Simon Benson (KPM)
- Early Bird (b), (d) - Georges Van Parys (KPM)
- Funny Side Up (b), (e) - Dennis Farnon (KPM)
- Mini Link (11) - Johnny Pearson (KPM)
- Rock-a-Bye Baby (a) - Richard Harvey, Brian Gulland (KPM)
- Nuts in May - Richard Harvey, Brian Gulland (KPM)
- Father Bear - Richard Harvey, Brian Gulland (KPM)
- Mother Bear - Richard Harvey, Brian Gulland (KPM)
- Giant Panda (a) - Richard Harvey, Brian Gulland (KPM)

Richard Scarry's Old MacDonald's Farm:
- Funny Side Up (a) - Dennis Farnon (KPM)

Musicians of Brennan:
- Copper on the Beat - Anthony Hiller (Bruton)
- Lonely Surroundings - Gareth Walters (KPM)
- Magical Effect (F) - Paddy Kingsland (KPM)
- Chicken Whistle - Duncan Lamont (Bruton)*

The Tail of Peter Rabbit:
- Kiddiepops (a) - Paddy Kingsland (KPM)
- Ghostly Footsteps - David Snell (Bruton)*
- Ghostly Footsteps Alt. End - David Snell (Bruton)*

The Little Red Hen:
- English Country Garden - Richard Harvey, Brian Gulland (KPM)
- The Colleen From Kerry - Gareth Walters (KPM)

The Country Worm and the City Worm:
- Good Ol' Rock 'n' Roll - Duncan Lamont (Bruton)*
- Mini Suspense - Johnny Pearson (KPM)
- Mini Terror (1) - Johnny Pearson (KPM)

The Great Cookie Thief:
-Tip Toe Link No. 1, 2 - Jack Dorsey (Bruton)*

What Was That!:
- The Tail - James Clarke (KPM)
- Lumbering Giant - Paddy Kingsland (KPM)

Richard Scarry's Get Ready For School:
- Hurry Down - William Merrick Farran (KPM)
- Maniac Chase - Alan Hawkshaw (Bruton)*
- Candy Carousel - Tony Kinsey (KPM)
- Silly Season - Tony Kinsey (KPM)
- Quiz Fanfare (a) - Tony Kinsey (KPM)

David and Goliath:
- Proclamation (1), (2), (5) - Keith Mansfield (KPM)
- Infinite Expanse - John Scott (KPM)

Whew! That's a lot, but that's all I can provide for you right now. Sorry, if I missed some that I've identified years ago and took note of but forgotten about. Feel free to stream KPM 1000 series albums on APM Music's website and to download Bruton albums, there's a huge download link list of almost all of their vinyl catalog at

(*) denotes tracks that are not available on APM's website
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Jan 14, 2020
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Here's more from these titles:

Pound Puppies:
- Hot Gospel 1 - Duncan Lamont (Bruton)
- All For Laughs - Steve Gray (Bruton)
- The Plot Thickens - Dick Walter (KPM)
- Dramatic Impact 2 - Ivor Slaney (KPM)
- Terror By Night - Hubert Clifford (KPM)
- Screw on the Loose - Tony Lowry (KPM)

Scuffy the Tugboat:
- Whistling Robot - Harold Smart (KPM)
- In a Hurry - John Fiddy (Bruton)*

The Sailor Dog:
- Reach For The Stars - Richard Harvey (KPM)
- Cabin Boys Delight - William Merrick Farran (KPM)

Polly's Pet:
- Joy Ride - Jack Coles (KPM)
- Puppy Love (aka "Here and There") - Gary Hughes (KPM)
- Funday - Eric Spear (KPM)
- Thingumajig - Gary Hughes (KPM)
- Winter Olympics (aka "Curtain-Raiser" and "Starlight Revue") - Alan Braden (KPM)
- Princess Waltz - Steve Race (KPM)

The Pokey Little Puppy and the Patchwork Blanket:
- Mischief Maker - Duncan Lamont (KPM)
- Parade Of Happy Children - Dave Richmond (KPM)
- Mini Flute (2) - Johnny Pearson (KPM)

Little Toad to the Rescue:
- Mini Scherzo - William Merrick Farran (KPM)
- Tickled Pink - Harold Smart (KPM)

My Pet Monster Goes to School:
- Puff Along - Tony Hymas (Bruton)

There's No Such Thing As A Dragon!:
- A Day By The Sea (a) - Dick Walter (KPM)

Hugga Bunch:
- Finders Creepers - Paddy Kingsland (KPM)
- Hurry Up - William Merrick Farran (KPM)
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Jan 14, 2020
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Found lots more "Little Toad" tracks:

- Thingamajig - David Thomas Reilly, Tommy Reilly (Conroy)
- Bicycle Bill - David Thomas Reilly, Tommy Reilly (Conroy)
- Mini Clarinet - Johnny Pearson (KPM)
- Mini Woodwind - Johnny Pearson (KPM)
- Mini Dreaming - Johnny Pearson (KPM)
- Mini Movement (1) - Johnny Pearson (KPM)
- Frog March - Norman Warren (Bruton)
- Summer Interlude - Gareth Walters (KPM)
- Rising Glissando - David Snell (KPM)
- Rippling Brook - David Snell (KPM)
- Ha Harmonica - David Thomas Reilly, Tommy Reilly (Conroy)
- Hurry - Jack Dorsey (Bruton)
- Dream Day - David Thomas Reilly, Tommy Reilly (Conroy)
- Dreamworld - John Fiddy (Bruton)*
- Loving Arms - David Snell (Bruton)
- Frightened - John Fiddy (Bruton)*

You can look through Conroy's library on APM's website (although not all of their catalog has been reissued)

EDIT 2/2: Also added some more tracks for the "Live and Learn" segments as well as "The House That Had Enough".

EDIT 2/3: One more for tonight: "Flute Cue 1" by David Lindup (from KPM), which plays in "Noah's Ark".

(*) denotes tracks that are not available on APM's website
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Jan 14, 2020
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Here's a couple:

From Pound Puppies Vol. 1: "Hulots Holiday" by Jean Bouchety from the Bruton vinyl album "All For Laughs" (BRF 3)

From My Pet Monster At the Fair: "Show Fanfare 1" by David Lindup also from the Bruton label.

And as for my previous posts, I will put an asterisk by all the ID'd stock tunes that are not on the APM website.

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