GGO Football, Dinosaur King and World Trigger on Primo TV

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Oct 22, 2012
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Soon on Comcast. Thanks to D-nice is the man. for pointing this out.

10:00 pm GGO Football
10:30 pm Dinosaur King
11:00 pm World Trigger
11:30 pm GGO Football
12:00 am Dinosaur King
12:30 am World Trigger

10:30 pm GGO Football
11:00 pm GGO Football
11:30 pm World Trigger
12:00 am World Trigger
12:30 am Dinosaur King
1:00 am Dinosaur King

EDIT: The channel hasn't started yet.
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Fight the darkness all around
Mar 17, 2010
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What a crazy lineup of deep cuts. Invizimals, Dinosaur King, The Little Prince (French series), World Trigger ... and Instant Star?
Dec 27, 2010
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To avoid any confusion, despite the name and it's logo similarities to V-Me, the network is in fact an English-Language channel, I watched earlier today.
Just on curiosity, did you watch World Trigger? This is the English dub premiere of the show and many people are curious as to whether or not Ocean Productions edited the dub for its TV airing. It seems strange that World Trigger would show up on a children's network like this, considering the copious amounts of gunfire, smoking, and swearing it has. (Unless it was completely hacked to pieces a la 4kids One Piece........)


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