George Clooney voicing Fantastic Mr. Fox

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Dec 21, 2002
San Antionio
I think I remember the kid's book this flick is based on. A fox gets his tail blown off by a shotgun...oooh...that'll make for some interesting drama... :D
Yep, yep, by the three farmers he's been stealing food from. I recall one of their wives lamenting the shot up tail, as she wanted to wear it as a stole. Later on the three farmers trap Mr. Fox and his family underground, waiting to blast him in the face as soon as the fox is driven above ground due to hunger.
Little do they know that underground the Fantastic Mr. Fox proceeds to rob them out of all their poultry and wine, assuring that they shan't stare at all.

I'm more than a little eager to see this movie myself, since "Fantastic Mr. Fox has always been one of my favorite Dahl books. Though, I'm also dreading the final result as well, since in the past, when Dahl's work is brought to the big screen, a lot of the charm of the books seem to be lost.

Especially in the case of "The Witches". That whole film felt really, really off.
I think Matilda did a fairly good job, though (despite my irritation at the Wormwoods becoming Americans and the ending)

But in this case, I'm pretty hopeful. I haven't seen much of Mr. Anderson's work, but stop motion for a Dahl book? AWESOME idea.

I'm not sure about Cloony as Mr. Fox... I always imagined him as being a more smooth, dapper sort of fellow, and Cloony doesn't seem to really fit. But hey, he might pull it off. I dunno.
Hearing of Bill Murray makes be hope he plays one of those horrible farmers. He'd be PERFECT for the job.


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