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Yahoo Japan is planning on closing their version of Geocities. I can't put what I feel into words. I know a lot of info will be lost; there's no way can get everything. And what they can get will probably be hard to access. I'm sad, & a bit shocked, tho perhaps I shouldn't be. was a good source for old websites, even if I didn't use it very much. I suppose I should try to save a few pages on my PC, tho i don't know if I will. Goodbye Geocities, we'll miss you. (︶︹︺) Here's a news article about the closure. Says they're shutting it down for "profitability" & "technological" reasons. Geocities Japan will close "in March 2019." Here'a an archived version of the closure announcement.


I don't know Japanese, so I don't go there often, but they host some interesting stuff, like this description of Nintendo's Pokemon demo from Spaceworld, '97: Pre Pokemon Gold and Silver It's an interesting read if you run it through Google translate.

Apparently, that's where the prototype starter pics on Bulbapedia came from; for years they were mis-credited as official art, but they were made by a fan.


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There is one Geocities Japan site I like going on. Before she stopped updating it, it was run by a Japanese Powerpuff Girls fan artist named Yunomi Niki.

She's one of my favorite artists. Fortunately, it seems the art was saved by the Wayback Machine (other than some links that don't work anymore anyway), so I'm not worried about losing the original source (as well as the ability to point out who made the art, as whenever I see her work on other sites, it's often uncredited and sometimes mistaken for an official image/s).

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