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Here are the general rules that should be followed on ALL of the RPG's:

1. Part A: Characters are first come, first serve. If, after 2 months, you aren't able to post something, the character will be up for grabs again (unless you post a note that you're on a vacation, PC troubles, Family troubles, etc.).

Part B: If you're controlling a custom character that is crucial to the story, the character will not be "up for grabs" as the others, but will be able to be adlibbed by the rest of the RPGers.

Part C: As with rule B, if the RPG thread/storyline is dormant for over 2 months, the thread will be closed.

2. Custom characters are allowed, but no "Mary Sues" as Silver Knight calls them. That means that they always can't be all-powerful, all-knowing, etc.

3. Write in the FIRST person and in the PRESENT. You ARE the character and not some third party observer.

4. You cannot control a taken character unless given the OK by the user. Ad-libbing is allowed, but not all the time, and keep it to a minimum.

5. You must stay in the current timeframe/storyline on the RPG. You cannot branch off into another one by yourself, as it will disrupt the RPG. Try and work your way into the storyline. You cannot be fighting one minute and then the next minute, it's morning and the fights over. (IE: a fight can't be going on and you're talking to the person who was fighting a day later.)

6. The RPGs aren't not turned based (IE: It won't go in an order such as GuitarSlayer>nerdgirl>redDragon. Whenever you want to post, you can--just make sure it agrees with rule #5), unless a fight is occurring and your character needs to be there.

8. Follow the WF board rules when RPGing. No Adult language, situations or anything you wouldn't find in a PG to PG-13 (Try and keep it at PG though) movie.*

9. If you would like to request a RPG be made, you must have at least five (5) people total, including yourself. Any less and the RPG will more than likely falter and die out. You can post here to attract members and stuff.

10. If for some reason you do not want to be in the RPG anymore, please contact one of the RPG Board Moderators (you'll have most success contacting redDragon), and we'll remove you from lists. This will prevent RPGs from going limp for 3 months, etc.

11. RPGs of the same name are NOT allowed (IE: there can't be 2 Batman Beyond RPGs)

12. "Killing-Off" another member’s character isn't permitted. Killing your own custom character is allowed, but, be warned, killing off a character could slow down the RPG.

13. When posting IN-CHARACTER, please add a Time/Date to the post, so it gives the RPG a timeframe. Most RPGs already have these time-frames, so refer to the last post with one and go from there.

14. And, of course, one of the MOST IMPORTANT, don't leave home without it, forget it and die, rules is: HAVE FUN!

*-The Off-Topic RPG "A Cold Reality" is considered PG-13, because it's, well, "reality".

REMEMBER: OFF-TOPIC RPGs still apply to these rules! Failure to obey these rules, and the Forum rules will result in warnings and then after a few warnings, BANNING.

If you would like to join one of the RPGs on this board, please contact one of the RPG Board Moderators, via PM or email. We will get in contact with you then.

After two weeks of inactivity, you will be PMed by a RPG board Moderator to remind you about the status of the RPG(s) you are in, just so things move along faster.

-Joseph "Bird Boy" (On behalf of the RPG Moderators)
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