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That one that banters over Sony TV channels
Mar 29, 2018
Noticed that the website for Sony Crime Channel doesn't exist anymore, all it does is redirect to Sony Channel UK's website.
I still wonder how they're still keeping around that channel.


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Oct 28, 2016
Starting March 1st, Syfy Middle East is going to leave OSN, and it’s content will be available on OSN On Demand.
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DC - PH & US feed
The news profiles of ABS-CBN are already showing a symbol of mourning over the "freedom of press".
Cable companies are mad because their digital box has too much features. Even their VOD service costs half a dollar for 2 days.

The telephone franchise will end on Sunday
No one really payed for that service.

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Mar 14, 2014
MTV Music Poland will become MTV Music 24 on the 3rd of March:

Even if they're promoting it as an amazing "new" (more music! As if MTV Music Poland isn't music!) channel, in reality, I've been informed, it's a closure.

The channel will just be closed and MTV Music 24 from the German team will be replacing it. It's a "boring" and poor channel, so I'm a tad sad for its viewers.

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I don't know for some reason I still find it "weird" that Samurai Jack is considered an Adult Swim original despite originally premiering on Cartoon Network. same for Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
I swear to God if I see one more account spreading this unsourced claim around, I'm going to scream.

Josh Cooley is leaving Pixar and is taking on The Malamander at Sony Pictures.
My favorite Tiny Toon Adventures episode is the one where they sing Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round.

David Ayer thinks Batman Assault On Arkham is a good movie.