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Now let me summarize Bengal's changes since the start of the year:
  • Kantipur upgrades to HD
  • Tara Muzik shuts down or was removed by Bengal because the channel came from the state of West Bengal
  • Decoders say on January 27 that they were going to reshuffle their channels based on "content type"
  • Switch on January 28, with some channels being paired to match their HD feeds
  • Channel [V] China (FTA) added but was then removed (was a test service)
  • DD India (not properly identified on the decoder) added
  • Channel [V] China is readded
  • UTV Action, STAR Movies HD, Movies OK, TravelXP, Bindass, BBC Lifestyle, CNBC, Sony Yay, Food TV (New Zealand), 9X Jhakaas, MTV Classic (Australia, FTA), MTV China (also FTA), ZEE TV HD and HBO HD (Asia) and HUM MENA are all added on January 30
  • Bangla TV HD, STAR Utsav and ARY Family added too
  • Bengal adds ID India however the channel was about to shut down in favor of Jeet
  • BBC Lifestyle and Sony BBC Earth swap slots
  • Discovery Kids switched to Asian feed (temporarily)
  • Hum MENA dropped because it was scrambled, also Bengal had Hum South Asia so having the Arabian feed might have been a stretch
  • MTV Classic Australia and Sony BBC Earth lost signal. BBC Earth's Asian feed coming?
Aug 20, 2017
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Jul 22, 2017
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Jadoo’s HD channel list:
  1. SATV HD
  2. Deepto TV HD
  3. Asian TV
  4. Ekattor HD
  5. Gaan Bangla HD
  6. News 24 HD
  7. Nagorik TV HD
  8. Channel i HD
  9. Duronto HD
  10. Massranga HD
  11. Colors HD
  12. SET HD
  13. AXN HD India
  14. DIVA HD
  15. Sony Channel HD
  16. E! HD
  17. HITS HD
  18. Colors Bangla HD
  19. NHK HD
  20. Sony Ten 1 HD
  21. Sony Ten Golf HD
  22. Sony Six HD
  23. Sony ESPN HD
  24. Star Sports 1 HD
  25. Star Sports 2 HD
  26. Star Sports Select 1 HD
  27. Star Sports Select 2 HD
  28. Setanta HD
  29. Disney Channel HD
  30. CBeebies HD
  31. BBC Lifestyle HD
  32. FYI Asia HD
  33. Discovery HD
  34. Animal Planet HD
  35. TLC HD
  36. BBC Earth HD
  37. History TV18 HD
  38. H2 Asia HD
  39. Lifetime HD
  40. Crime Investigation HD
  41. VH1 HD
  43. Sony Pix HD
  44. Fox Action Movies HD
  45. HBO HD Asia
  46. Star Movies HD
  47. Sony Le Plex HD
Also, Ten Sports Pakistan is running on Bengal’s Live Sports slot.


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Mar 14, 2014
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Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 Italy not showing Winter Olympics (in spite of misleading ads) on Sky because Sky and Discovery have not agreed a deal.. here we go again

We're all losing out, and Sky is particularly to blame


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Mar 14, 2014
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ES1 and ES2 on Sky are now the Russian versions, which do not air Olympics; meanwhile, ES1 and ES2 on Mediaset Premium air them..

It's a shameful situation, that could only happen in a shameful market such as the Italian one.. many many are angry with Sky for misleading ads, heck, even yesterday ads for the Olympics were aired on Sky

It's really a new low for Sky.. their arrogance knows no boundaries, particularly because they do not want to pay extra money


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Oct 28, 2016
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I knew it. Discovery Kids got switched back to the Indian feed.
It's very bad decision to switch back to Indian Feed. Better to put the Asian Feed beside the Indian one just like BBC Earth and Sony BBC Earth.

Anyway, MBC Pro Sports has ceased broadcasting and be replaced with SPL (Saudi Premier League)
Later on, MBC ProSports were back, but Pro Sports 4 became SPL.


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Jul 22, 2017
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I think we also have to take country rights into account. These feed changes are usually temporary. When I asked about AXN Asia they said only Indian one was permitted.

The Indian BBC Earth in the beginning was intended to replace the shutdown BBC Entertainment, but it seems like now they are keeping both feeds. Maybe because the Indian one is operated by Sony India. Also, for the past two weeks Discovery Science was running the Australian feed which is not HD and is on same satellite as the Asian one. It got switched back to the Asian one also today.


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