"Garfield and Friends" remastered in 4K

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Aug 7, 2012
I've recently learned that 9 Story Media Group has acquired the rights to "Garfield and Friends" and has been remastering the series in 4K. Boomerang has released the first set of episodes on their website and mobile app, and while there is some good news (the original U.S. Acres title screens have been restored for the most part), the overall presentation of the series is quite poor. Episodes have been cropped into widescreen, colors have been inexplicably altered, the closing credits have been completely redone, and the "Friends Are There" intro sequence has been given a stiff, lifeless, Flash-animated "upgrade." More information here:
Garfield Restored: Garfield and Friends 4k Review/Analysis
Apr 11, 2015
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So, I got in touch with 9 Story's distribution department, and here's the details on the remaster. While it's no less disappointing to hear, hopefully the decisions they made will be easier to understand.

"I have been in touch with the QC department about Episode 7, but I guess this may have not come through to you.

There were a few instances where the original film could not be located so things had to be re-crated digitally for this remaster.

One was the intro to Seasons 1/2 (the first 39 episodes) and there were a few instances where the film for episodes could let be located. This is why we had to recreate the opening montage.

Episode 7 is the only time where all the film is missing for the whole episode. There is also one segment in episodes 49 & 106 that no film could be located for.

We came up with the "Retro-Vision" idea as a way to save these episodes where the film could not be located.

The original source material video is too low rez to uprez all the way to full screen. This way allowed us to save these episodes. We uprezzed them but not all the way and managed to keep the shows in their original aspect ratio."


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