"Gambit (X-Men)" Feature Pre-Release News & Discussion (Spoilers)

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Jul 13, 2003
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I guess making Sinister the villain or a big presence in the film gives it some decent importance in the overall franchise, on-top of being your classic heist movie ;).
A part of me is admittedly skeptical. Even though it's an outline, it's pretty on the nose with what happened in the comics. He was even hired by Sinister. The only difference is no mention of the Marauders and Morlocks.

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May 18, 2006
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Again FOX films especially Gambit don't have enough cred for a release date to really have the weight on it's own for it to feel like it's coming out. I mean it can come out and be made in the time they said (just as New Mutants was which has it's first trailer out) but there still isn't the assurance of say an MCU date. Though if this date does keep this will come out the week after Sony's Silver and Black movie so any momentum that movie may generate will be cut down by Gambit. Still until we actually see information of Remy's movie actually being in production I'm still holding my breath on it considering how many delays it's been through.

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Jul 24, 2006
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the point of no return
I'm curious to see how much of the original script is still intact at this point even if Bella Donna and the Thieves/Assassins were probably always going to be involved one way or another...
If they were talking $150 mil, I too wonder what they had. I'm sure the adjustments involved the sfx.

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Rumors suggest Candra The Benefactress will possibly be a main villain.

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