From all the reincarnations of Brak from Space Ghost Coast to Coast,which one is your favorite?


Believe it or not,but Brak had been an evil space-pirate before becoming an idiot in 'Coast to Coast'.Between all these,which one of the reincarnations of this character is the best?

Dan's Revenge

Turkey Sandwich
I didn't get around much to watching any of the original Space Ghost cartoons and grew up with stupid Brak thanks to SGC2C and CP, so "stupid Brak" is my answer. I appreciate Ghost Planet Industries/Williams Street did that too aside other characters they toyed around with. Don't know if it was meant to be a parody or whatnot, but they did well and brought some great laughs, and definitely from Brak.


Triple Changer
Williams Street Brak. Andy Merrill really brought the character to life. By extension, I prefer all the Coast to Coast characters to their 60s counterparts.


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