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Free Spirit "Cartoon Brew" Talkback

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Peter Paltridge

Ay Carumba
Staff member
Free Spirit #17 - Cartoon Brew (Page 1)

I've got a lot of scripts lying around in various stages of completion, waiting for inspiration. Lately, the cartoons are coming out not in the order in which I intended them in, but the order in which they are completed. I had the art for an Electric Wonderland comic 80% done when the final piece of the puzzle for THIS story hit me. The EW story in question does not have the second half of its plot fully formed yet. This does. It was ready, so it was prioritized.

17 episodes and we still haven't seen the Harper kids in school yet (this is a summer story, so I have an excuse). But I spent months figuring out what their classmates would be like, and to date I've never been able to show the fruits of that labor. Kinda aggravating. The stories that have school scenes just aren't ready yet!

There is also a new BANG issue that's very close to done, so....you'll be getting a lot after a drought of months.

This story will probably be released in three parts instead of two. A lot gets tackled here. Eleven pages and we haven't even seen any of Robb's cartoons yet.

Mysterious H

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I can't even imagine what sort of cartoons Robb would create. I think I know where that plotline's going, but I'm more interested in the revival of Extreme Lips.
I will admit to being a fan of the original show (if they're based on what I think they are). On a semi-related note, Mummies Alive! deserves a complete series release as well.

Peter Paltridge

Ay Carumba
Staff member
Free Spirit #17 - Cartoon Brew (Page 12)

This whole story started with a brainstorming session about the worst cartoon show ideas I could come up with. The inspiration for "Screemerz" is obvious. "Capitol Quippers" actually doesn't have anything to do with "Capitol Critters" -- when the pun-heavy Sherlock Gnomes came out, I thought "what are some of the worst concepts you can express with puns?"

Robb has a line here about how news sites about Western animation aren't profitable anymore. At the time this was written I had no idea if the story would appear BEFORE or AFTER the name change. The trick was to allude to it without breaking NDA or having anyone realize what the joke was actually about. It turned out the switchover happened while the art was halfway done.

Jessie needs her own stories badly! All she does in this is glare at Robb and make sarcastic comments. There is more to her than this, I swear!

Peter Paltridge

Ay Carumba
Staff member
Free Spirit #17 - Cartoon Brew (Page 23)
There were a million different things that Winnie could have done to Hart Butchwax. I picked the first one that came to mind that was funny to me.

It might've been inspired by this though:


Ok, I'm at a loss- what's Screemerz inspired by? Wracking my brain and can't think of a one.
Any Minions-type gimmick where the characters are a bunch of hyperactive, screaming, gibberish-yelling little things.


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Sincere congratulations on finishing each comic you started this year before 2019 rolls around. All the face-swapping made me chuckle, too.


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It's not too late to comment here, is it? I've been a lurker for a long time, and I usually stick to your articles (the site is like a huge and comfortable museum). I've been poking at the comics for the past few months, though.

Very very rarely do I care for very pointed satire (I THINK that's the phrase I want). This guy is based on a real celebrity, but obviously evil instead of covertly? Eh. It's probably just not my style. But since I knew around 88% of the references this time, and even watched a RebelTaxi video ~70 hours ago, the satire worked its magic better on me. And then you've got quality jokes, like Tara Weak...alright, that one's just a sorry play on words, but I still laughed for some reason. And Winnie's timing in that first scene! I enjoyed that.

Anything to do with the Extreme Lips had me. "That's not racist, that's INCLUSIVE!" Wow... Maybe part of it hit close to home. I'm one of those post-post-post-post-ironic cool youngsters. I like referencing ALF not because I like ALF, but because the concept, the totality of the ALF cultural mythos, has become funny to me. Critically, I just bought a Street Sharks DVD. This is dangerous territory to be in, and if I don't stay aware of what I'm doing and the type of humor I'm propagating, I'll be nothing but a jerk. But, uh...at least I don't make offensive tweets. I think.


I love Aloysius Pig!
This was funny, and I got most of the jokes this comic made about modern and even older cartoons!

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