Favorite Moments From the "AA Universe"

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Sexiest Thing Since Sex
USM, GotG and AA are rumored to be ending, what are some your favorite moments from these shows? (You can include Hulk and The AGENTS OF S.M.A.S.H as well).

I loved the opening of the Dark Avengers, with Tony playing as Lex Luthor to Squadron Supreme or the "Justice League". It was fun, especially when everyone screamed when Tony arrived, SS was like "Iron-Man" and Tony was like "Who did you expect? A good guy?"

Anything with Baron Zemo or Doom I also loved except that nonsensical awful episode from season 1 of USM where Doom got Cap's shield.
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Peace Loving Shinobi
Definitely Avengers vs. Squadron Supreme and Avengers vs. Thunderbolts. It was especially nice to get an animated version of the classic Busiek/Bagley lineup against the iconic Avengers. Those stories were generally solid.

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