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With the Black Panther live-action movie premiering later this week, I thought it would be nice to have a place to talk about all of your favorite Black Panther related moments from the cartoons or the comics over the years.

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T'Challa, king and protector of Wakanda, and the bearer of the Black Panther mantle, made his debut in the pages of Fantastic Four #52 (released in July 1966). It took him almost 30 years to appear in animation, during the second (and improved) season of the Fantastic Four cartoon series from 1995. I think it was fitting for him to make his first appearance in the same title as he did in the comics. Since then, he had a pretty good career in animation, including the second Ultimate Avengers animated movie (2006), his own animated series (technically a motion comic, in 2010), a rather large role during the course of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010-2012), and more recently on Avengers Assemble. Things are still looking good for him, I presume thanks in part to his live-action movie, with his leading role in the next season of the Avengers animated series, re-titled as "Black Panther's Quest", or getting his own LEGO animated special later this year.

The character's design has not suffered that many drastic changes throughout his many appearances in cartoons over the years. As for voice actors, some pretty impressive names had the chance to play T'Challa, including Keith David, Jeffrey D. Sams, Taye Diggs, Djimon Hounsou and more recently James C. Mathis III, who is still currently his voice actor in the current batch of shows.

Probably the most important supporting character for T'Challa is his sister, Shuri, who is also starting to appear more often in the current cartoons and the brother-sister dynamic could offer some good stories. There's also his father, T'Chaka, who is a big part of Black Panther's origin story. Then we have the Dora Milaje warriors, and Storm from the X-Men who married T'Challa in the comics. This relationship is something that was never really used in the cartoons so far - I think the closest was Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, where we don't exactly see them together, but the movie does feature their son. The Black Panther motion comic animated series also briefly featured Storm, and I recall the two appeared together on the Super Hero Squad Show, where they mentioned they were dating.

As far as animation goes, Black Panther's rogues gallery usually consists of Klaw, but some cartoons have also featured the likes of Moses Magnum or Man-Ape. Then there are also those instances where he gets to team up with another hero and fight a villain who is not necessarily associated with his own rogues gallery, but still manages to offer us a pretty entertaining fight scene. Considering Marvel's recent attempts to create more synergy between the cartoons and live-action movies, I could see them try and bring in Erik Killmonger somewhere down the line.

Use this thread to discuss your favorite aspects of Black Panther - which do you think has been his best animated incarnation? Do you have a favorite design for the character? How about a favorite voice actor? Is there someone in particular who has not voiced T'Challa before, but you think would sound great in the role? Do you have any favorite Black Panther villains from the comics you would like to see animated someday? Or would you prefer to see him going up against a certain villain borrowed from another hero? Similarly, which heroes would you like to see T'Challa team up with? Is there a certain element or story-line from the comics you would like to see adapted, either in animation or live-action?

Leave a comment below and discuss, and remember to be respectful of each others' opinions!



Really, I have a few that come to mind, like Prey of the Black Panther from Fantastic Four (1994). The story felt a little rushed, but I think they managed to pull off a solid episode which was essentially a two-part story in the comics.

I enjoyed Black Panther in Iron Man: Armored Adventures (at least, when he wasn't so harsh). I liked that they used Moses Magnum instead of Klaw as T'Chaka's murderer. I liked seeing Panther as part of the show's makeshift Avengers during the series finale.

I loved his appearance in the first episode of Black Panther: The Animated Series and his boldness throughout the series as well as his compassion regarding Queen Mother, Shuri, and of course, Storm. While the show did seem to focus on the villains a little more, T'Challa definitely felt like a passionate yet strong leader, warrior and king. I loved the moment when he saves the school kid and takes off his mask to humanize himself at the beginning of episode four, I believe.

Panther had so many wonderful moments in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Kudos to Chris Yost and Josh Fine (as well as all the writers) for showing that character so much love. His showdown with Grim Reaper in Widow's Sting was a highlight for me. That whole episode was a gem. His role in Gamma World Part 1 was pretty sweet, his fight against the Avengers and then Man-Ape in Panther's Quest rocked, and I really liked when he helped Cap in Living Legend. Hawkeye and Black Panther made a great team as proven by Masters of Evil.

In season two, he had some subtle yet humorous moments like his four aces in The Private War of Doctor Doom. I liked how he tried to reason with Simon in Acts of Vengeance, and his role as king again in Infiltration and Behold... The Vision. I enjoyed his role in Yellowjacket and his sacrifice in Operation: Galactic Storm was quite emotional. I'm probably missing some moments or episodes, of course, in case I didn't mention a really wicked moment. I wish he had a bigger role in Code Red or his absence in Ultron Unlimited was explained, but I really can't complain.

Panther's role in Avengers Assemble has been pretty solid so far. I especially liked seeing him hold out against the new Cabal and gather the Avengers in Avengers No More. His banter with Ant-Man was fun in Sneakers. This version of T'Challa seems to make humorous comments slightly more than other versions of the character do.

Avengers: Panther's Quest should be exciting, so I'm happy the character and his world is getting such a big showcase. The Lego special Black Panther: Trouble in Wakanda should be good. My favorite design goes to The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, my favorite voice actor is James C. Mathis III (honorable mention to Djimon Hounsou), and I loved the music in Black Panther: The Animated Series.

I would like to see Storm and Black Panther in animation more as well as Black Panther and Black Widow working together since it was pretty awesome to see them together in Captain America: Civil War. I definitely hope Black Panther has more great moments in animation.
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Some off the top of my head:

- T'Challa owning the entire Avengers team in his introduction to them in Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

- His fight with M'Baku.

- Wasp: "I forgot you talked."

- His entire relationship and dynamic with Hawkeye.

- Him being the one to discover the cloaked Iron Man in Avengers Mansion after Tony learned about the Skrulls.

- His rejoining The Avengers after helping the team fend off Vision.

- His sacrifice in "Operation Galactic Storm."

- Just the fact that he's probably one of the few characters in Avengers Assemble whose portrayal actually feels as good or on par with his depiction in Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

T'Challa single-handedly owning the Cabal in "Avengers No More."

- His fight with Ares in "The Incredible Herc," right down to using Hercules' hammer against Ares.

- His line to Ant-Man in "Sneakers" where he says he's made his peace with Scott's terrible jokes.

- His interaction with Shuri in "The Eye of Agamotto."

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Off the top of my head, I loved him as part of the team in EMH. Anytime that he got to shine or his interactions with Clint, Hulk, Cap, Tony, etc, he just came off as awesome as everyone else did. The Avengers all made each other look good and they all were great individually as well, and I always loved seeing T'Challa in action. One of my favorite episodes is Infiltration where T'Challa has to deal his status as a monarch and as an Avenger.

I wish we got to see more of him in the 90s because Keith David was some top tier casting. We never even got to see him play off of Robert Hays as Tony or anything but he did play off of the FF well, though it was just a straight retelling of his origin story. We really were blessed with some great voice casting in the 90s.

I thought Djimon was pretty good as well. My only real problem with that series, other than initially expecting a series with fuller animation, is how hokey and heavy handed Hudlin's writing can get. I think I enjoyed it more than most here.

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