"Far, Far Away Idol" Winner Announced!

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Time to get my "Game face" on
CNN Must be Happy

And if you read the Whole story, you find out that the Ugly Stepsister who won is voiced by Larry King..

CNN Must be having a field day with this one!

I can see this..

One of the CNN Crew (To Larry King) : Hey you know your voice Acting won Far Far away Idol? What are you going to do now?

Larry King: I'm Going to Disneyland!:D



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uh.. was the original ending included on the dvd and or movie?

because i don't want to watch any new endings with my movies, i want to see the dragon ending.



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Maybe a lot of the voters thought the poor girl needed a break.
I mean, it's bad enough having a sister who's much prettier than you, but to be stuck with that voice...!


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GWAR's song got cut ENTIRELY from the whole Far Far Away Idol scene. If they got in they would have won by a landslide. THERE IS NO JUSTICE.

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This whole thing is 100% silly, a dumb American Idol parody with Shrek characters :rolleyes: . Why an extended ending? The movie was good enough without one!

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