"Every The WB Show, Ranked"

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Sep 24, 2003
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They didn't mention "Pinky and the Brain". And all means all. So, yeah. I also get the impression that they didn't actually watch all of these shows.
No, they clearly didn't. It looks like they reviewed them based on (A) their premises (B) the number of episodes aired and (C) their obscurity.

I have a tape of "Movie Stars" and if they had actually seen it, it would rank near the bottom instead of the middle.


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Mar 22, 2002
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Well, they also don't have "Earthworm Jim" or "Jackie Chan Adventures" (etc)...but it's a list for "The WB", not "Kids WB". That would, admittedly, be a whole other list. Although I guess "Pinky and the Brain" did air in Prime Time briefly (as did the pilot episodes of "Superman the Animated Series" and "Batman Beyond"). So I see what you're saying.

I skimmed through the article, I didn't start remembering any of the shows until I got in the Top 25. Hmm, I don't see reality TV shows either (stuff like "The Jamie Kennedy Experiment") or sketch comedy shows (like "Blue Collar TV"). EDIT: Yeah, I went back and read the opening statement of the article. They do say it's a list of "Scripted Live-Action" shows on "The WB". Wait, there was scripts for the sketches on "Blue Collar TV". Eh, whatever....

"The WB" is now thought of as a wonderful time capsule of life between 1995 and 2005. I want to see a similar list for "FOX" from the 1986 (the year FOX launched) to 2000....back when it was the network of "The Simpsons", before it became the network of "24" and "American Idol".


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