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langden alger

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Jul 12, 2001
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cool. they really made spidey a considerate superhero in this movie..look how nicely he's leaning over to tie up green goblins boot for him..what a nice yong man. :D lol.......the wrestling scene looks prety cool. looks like they're trying to create a vince mcmahon inspired promoter in the ring there. i'm not really sure how over peter would be with the crowd in today's wrestling scene though lol...masked wrestlers are a rarity nowadys. but the pics look really cool so far. by the time the release date hits, with toys, books, magazines, video games and clothing lines, we'll pretty much have seen the entire movie already lol..
Jun 15, 2001
*sigh*, I miss the good ol' days. Back when Bruce was killing already-dead-people that possesed his friends. hehehe...remember that time he lopped off his girlfriends head with a shovel? ahh...

......oh...I'm sorry...this is a SpiderMan topic...

WOW!! hey...what the frick does GG have behing his back? I haven't seen that thing before...looks like an umbrella sword...uh oh... :eek:

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