"Emoji Movie" Debuts as #2 at the Box Office with $25M

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Jun 17, 2015
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The concept looks so stupid

Plus the whole "inside the phone/internet/video game/song/book" thing has been done MANY times before

All the movie seems like is an hour and 30 minute long advertisement for Candy Crush & Just Dance

The Emoji Movie?

More like "The Product Placement Movie"!

Nick Mick

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Jan 2, 2018
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This movie, is the worst piece Hollywood could ever squeeeeze into the big screen.

Maybe, what I hate the most about the movie, is that, unlike even other terrible ones, like Norm of the North, at least, not only tried to be their own thing (as Mr. Enter cleverly pointed out), but also had an audience they wanted and we knew they wanted, to aim at.

But here.... Remember that scene with Gene's parents, which I won't spoil too much of, but only say it's manages to fail at both being funny and emotional? Remember the ending of the movie? They want to say something. THAT EMOJIS SUCK, AND THAT WE SHOULD BE ABLE AS EVOLVING HUMAN BEINGS TO [stops, takes a breath] express in more than one ways ourselves, which means, evolving.

Then, may I ask, why this movie tries to be a big ad about eithet apps that will probably be dated in a matter of years, or apps that children won't be using, and why this movie stars emojis??? Maybe because it would be too hard for them to give Alex (yeah, remember him???) a personality? And that's the first thing K bring up, because even if this movie has terrible characters, what's strikingly obvious even at small children who will be undoubtedly pleased with it, is how this movie doesn't know what it want to pass across.

And overall, just because the movie itself knows that it can't try to give emphasis on what should be in this movie the most important things of it, it desperately tries to shoehorn in it, every single undeveloped at all cliche: an outcast, a believe in yourself message, a feminist/LGBTQ+ (huh?????) message, a [sarcasm] surprise villain, a comic relief sidekick, a female sidekick that is written badly and in-a-surface-level enough so the writers can put that feminist thing, a real-life boy, which is debatable, judging by his abnormal, robotic expressions and dialogue.... And almost, every, single, ONE OF THEM, are either non-existent, or unable at succeeding in something. And the thing is that, cheaply-made (in comparison with this movie) shows of the 90's, like SpongeBob, would give more weight at doing creative things with its simple animation, what they had, and having an unique spin on stereotypes people had seen way before even for 1999. I mean, yeah, that also happens in a lot of Pixar/Disney movie, and the Lego one, and the movie is nothing like them for the reasons above, but when even these shows are better than you, then you know you have failed as an audiovisual product.

Maybe, the only things I liked in the movie are, its animation (which I kinda appreciate, even if its a bit simplistic, its soundtrack, and weirdly enough, Hi-5. Not only some of his lines are funny, but he is shown as being more helpful that the female sidekick of the film. And I wouldn't have made that comment about her, if the writers hadn't made her so useless in purpose.

Let alone the fact, this movie tries to have a moral, because every other animated movie ever had a moral, which makes it worse than them, as said before. But... why having a moral in the movie? Wouldn't it be better if the creators treated it more like something optional? Like, there are 4 ways this movie could turn to be: It would either try to have a lot of messages, but would accomplish nothing (and it turned out this way), or have a propaganda-like message about how emojis are the only wonderful way to express yourself, and with these ways the movie would turn out to be terrible anyway (only the latter one is a bit less painful), or either cancel the movie because if its terrible reception (I mean, someone may say that, hey, if that also happened with Guardians of the Galaxy, we would have lost a masterpiece, but this emoji movie has a way worse premise than that), or.... Not focus on a moral!!!!!! Like, what if the plot of the movie centers around mystery, and the characters had to go trough a lot of worlds, that are ORIGINAL, and easy to get invested in? You know like The Mojicons!!

Yes, there is a Russian kids show about that, and while its animation is really not that appealing, its story and characters and humor, and a million times better than this not even manipulate piece of trash!!!!

Overall, I hate this movie with a burning passion, it will make you feel sorry for calling Norm of the North the bottom of the barrel...
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Jul 1, 2018
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Yeah, it may not have been responsible for the offing of Genndy Tartakovsky's Popeye movie as some believed initially, but it's still an inconceivably shallow piece of animated storytelling that could've surprised us a la The Lego Movie, but it ended up being everything some thought TLM was going to be: a dumb, elongated commercial.

Hopefully, Hotel Transylvania 3 (which I haven't seen but heard good things about) and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (which is looking all kinds of epic) will turn out better quality-wise.


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