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Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
Framingham, MA
Elena Of Avalor "Shooting Stars"

I like that Elena has a cast on her arm from getting injured in a different episode. It lends an air of realism to the series. Although perhaps her climbing ladders on it pokes at that a little.

I laughed at the "Should we tell her?" / "Wait for it" moment. That was funny.

Elena struck me as quite a goofball in the episode, which was fun, although her dottiness ebbed at about the halfway point. But I had fun watching her be uncharacteristically silly.

Fun episode. ****.

Elena Of Avalor "Crash Course"

Balasino turned out to be a rat. I liked his Oprah Winfrey moment with the tamborinas though.

For the record, Gabe is an actual terrible friend to Matteo. I don't think there is another good guy on the show who mistreats another good guy so badly as he always does Matteo.

Speaking of characters walking the line between good and bad, the Duchess is never one thing or the other. She reminds me strongly of Estaban in that way, but the direction of her arc is entirely different. I would have rather had Estaban in this place by now, but I do trust the writers know what they are doing with him.

Fine episode. But Gabe kinda sucks. ***1/2.


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Jan 5, 2014
Craig Gerber has mentioned titles for 3 upcoming Elena episodes. The Mother's Day episode , Dia De Los Madres, will air in July at the earliest. It reminds me of how the Fancy Nancy episode "Nancy's Ooh La La Spa" was also a Mother's Day episode airing in July. It most likely would've aired in May, but the Corona Virus threw a wrench into things. In May, we instead get the episode "Sweetheart's Day" and June is "The Lightning Warrior".



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