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Sep 24, 2003
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Nintendo’s latest E3 Direct definitely did not disappoint, unless you were hoping to see Bayonetta 3. Bigger looks at anticipated games, shocking reveals of new ones, and BEAR AND BIRD IN SMASH! Below is the full list of revealed games from the Direct, culled from meticulously going thorough it. As always, these are listed in release order.
Collection of Mana — eShop today, physical coming August 27
Japan has had this on Switch since 2017 and I had given up all hope of it appearing here. I plan to buy both versions since I am a money-wasting Mana junkie.

Cadence of Hyrule — June 13
Everyone thought this would be released during the Direct, but we guess it needed….two more days of polish. Will there be a physical version?
My Friend Pedro — June 20
CATAN — June 20
Super Mario Maker — June 28
Barely anything was said about this game, because another Direct already covered it...
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