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Aug 12, 2019
I was just viewing some of the schedules from this past year on Toonami, and I noticed that some series such as Megalo Box and The Promised Neverland were only on the air for not even three months. Afterwards, they just disappeared from the schedule. I have seen this occur with Cardcaptors in 2001 when it lasted for two weeks on Toonami but a year and a half on Kids WB.

Can anyone explain what is going on with the broadcasting? What determines how long Toonami can air a series?


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Mar 11, 2005
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They have very short episode counts. They air it once and that's it. They might bring it back for a rerun slot later, but due to the Toonami staff's restrained budget, many of these shows don't have a long shelf life.

The CardCaptors example was a different case from a bygone era. This was way back during AOL's disastrous ownership of Time Warner. The founder of The WB was promoted to CEO of Turner, and he enacted cross-promotion between WB and the Turner networks. As a result, many Kids' WB! shows would make their way to Cartoon Network, and CardCaptors briefly aired on Toonami as one of its earliest experiments.


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