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Jul 1, 2020
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There is an episode you like and an episode you don't like, and the one you don't like happens to be the first in line so you're forced to watch it to see the episode you like. Of course, you could switch off the TV or change channels until the first episode was over, but then you could lose track of time and miss the other episode in the pairing.

The greatest example here would be with Fairly Oddparents. I want to watch the beach episode, but before that, I have to watch Truth or Cosqeunces, my least favourite episode. Why I think that, or at least, find it to be worse than Wishful Life, is because of reasons such as it isn't funny or unique, there wasn't at least one interesting or memorable scene in the main plot, and the subplot is one of the worst specific ideas I have seen in anything ever. In case your curious, the subplot is literally just about the main character wanting to go to the toilet, but can't because you can 'only wish through doors'. We are then shown his suffering, which is exaggerated in great detail. Yes, it's horrible and I even hated it as a kid. The beach episode that came after it was so much better. It's a good thing I have access to the internet now so I can watch these episodes separately.

And not even modern cartoons are safe. With The Loud House, There is a situation where my least favourite episode of one of the seasons is paired with my favourite episode and of course the episode I don't like is the first in pairing. A lot of the pairings in the show seem to be like that too. Well, it's a REAL good thing I have internet, again, so I can watch these episodes separately.

So what are some cases in cartoons where you can't stand the first episode in a pairing, but have to watch it in order to get to the episode you like?
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