Feb 10, 2019
It's a TV show made in France, Italy, and Quebec. The original language was for some reason English, but it was made as a co-production between RAI Italy, Disney Junior Europe (France and Italy), and Quebec's public broadcaster. It first aired in Brazil, then it aired on Disney Junior in Italy, then RAI Italy, then Disney Junior UK and France, then the French-speaking Canadian public broadcasting (in French), then Knowledge Network Canada (in English), then, about a few months later, Nick Jr. USA. Anyway, it's a show about four Wizards chefs who cook, and there's this magic cookbook that they get recipes from. There's a villain named Copperpot, who spies and plots and wants the book (kinda quoted the theme song, sorta, there's someone who spies and plots and wants the book, it's Copperpot.) Anyway, yeah, it's a cool show, it has a pretty cute, and colorful animation style, it takes place in Trulli Land, which, according to all sources, is a nickname for Alberobello. Apparently, the setting is supposedly based off of Alberobello, Italy. Anyway, it's a really cool show. If you like shows like MLP or Shimmer and Shine, you'll probably like Trulli Tales. Trulli Tales is less "girly", as people call those shows, Trulli Tales probably has a more equal amount of boys and girls, but it still has a cute and colorful animation style without being quote "girly" end quote.


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If only it was possible for companies to rethink their decision to make movies exclusive to streaming back to their initial supposed theatrican run - they'll have to look at how the situation is faring in countries and regions.

Wonder why it's impossible to screen "outdated" or "delayed" movies when the situation eases.
Changed the banner to match the upcoming anniversary better. Based on the logo switch ident featuring Bloo.
MeTV went off the air for about 15 minutes, right during one of the last Svengoolie segments up until it was time for the news (which I get in my area instead of Star Trek).
Well Bakugan was made in Canada too, so...

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