"Doctor Strange: In the Multi-Verse of Madness" Pre-Release News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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Yeah like the rumored casting of Nicolas Cage for the Flash movie, Tom Cruise as Tony Stark is an in joke to a movie that almost happened. Before Robert Downy Jr got to play Tony, Cruise was actually supposed to play the part AND be a producer for the movie and have a major stake not only the Marvel Iron man franchise but the entire MCU going forward. Talks broke down and it didn't happen but it got close enough to where we know for sure he was going to be involved. So the idea of having an easter egg cameo referencing that would be funny... I'm not sure how likely it is though especially since not like Cruise even now needs the MCU or vice versa and would probably be even too busy for a cameo considering he's still trying to focus on filming the last two mission impossibles but it would be an amusing idea to see all the same.


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