"Doctor Strange: In the Multi-Verse of Madness" Pre-Release News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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Dec 14, 2008
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I am not getting my hopes up, because if he declines, I'd just be crushed. If this ends up happening, Dr. Strange 2 would immediately jump up to my top three most anticipated MCU films.

His last directed film was a Disney film, so maybe it's possible...

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Now on some level this would actually be a very good fit. As like Derrikson, Raimi also has a horror movie background but unlike Derrikson I think Raimi is fine with not going as much with more out there horror elements (as honestly I still think Derrikson couldn't work things out with Marvel wanting to push for a more genearl horror movie then Kevin Feige and co wanted) that would clash heavily with the more general super hero movie elements. And yeah I still feel even in the first two flicks the original 2000's Spider man movies were more hokey but... again those were the most major super hero big budget elements back then and there wasn't a more grounded and cyncial style like you have now. ANd I think with the right director those elements can be toned down and mixed to have a sense a best of both worlds. Plus honestly for all of Raimi's camera movements and style I think honestly a Dr. Strange movie suits him more then a Spider Man movie especially this one which seems to be mixing together so many out there characters and worlds. You do sort of need a visionary on this so I can see Raimi fitting that very well. Plus wouldn't that be like the perfect comeback story even more then getting J.K Simmons back and proving how well Marvel can cherry pick the best elements from Sony and in a sense improve on them?

On another level I'm not sure how much I see this happening because if Raimi is fully interested this is something he would want to have bunch of control and input over that Marvel may not allow. The reason that Spider Man 4 never got made was due to the pressure Sony kept putting on Raimi to put in certain elements in that film they wanted that he didn't want due to not wanting another Spider Man 3 of adding so many extra things he was not in favor for. I mean the only reason that there even was a spider man reboot is because of those issues Ramimi had working with another major owner of comic book studio films and yeah as the MCU just recently again proved they're not beyond that as sometimes even directors they approach or try to work with aren't good fits. This could be another case of that guess we'll see but either way it's at least an intersting choice to go with that's for sure.
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May 28, 2010
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Sam Raimi is in talks to take over the sequel from Scott Dickerson:
He's good at heart and horror, is a fan of Steve Ditko, and even referenced the good doctor in Spider-Man 2 ;).

It would be nice to see Raimi back with the Marvel family :).
To be honest, I wasn't quite sure if she really had a role in things any more :confused:.


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Aug 1, 2012
Even though I consider him one of my personal favorite directors (first two Spider-Man movies, Evil Dead trilogy, Darkman and A Simple Plan are all great) and his sensibilities are perfect for the project, Raimi would have never crossed my mind as a potential replacement for Derrickson. He already is strongly associated with one superhero movie franchise (although, it is over a decade old) and, like I said in my previous post, Marvel hasn't really gone for already established mainstream directors for years.

But, in a weird way, he also makes ton of sense. He still has his quirky indie sensibilities, which Marvel seems to appreciate with their directors, while also being able to play ball (despite being against the direction Sony took with SM3, he still finished it, acted professionally about it and was willing to come back for the sequel) in a big studio project. Plus, while he started out with horror, he hardly is first and foremost a horror director, so unlike with Derrickson, Feige shouldn't have any major disagreements regarding the tone. Dang it, we all should wait until he actually signs on, but I can't help, but to get excited.

So, if this does actually happens, would this be the first time when a director leaves a big studio project for "creative differences", only to be replaced by bigger name?


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May 13, 2016

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Jul 24, 2006
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Raimi is a perfect fit. Almost too perfect like Joe Johnston to Captain America. Feige seems to be grabbing filmmakers he's worked with or at least knows. Honestly Raimi did the Lee/Ditko Spider-Man the best he could. It was SONY and posibly Feige who shoehorned in the romance and main villain tropes. The main belief is Raimi didn't want Venom in Spider-Man 3 and they forced him in. Funny, I think part of this will bonkers. I can't remember what happened with 4, it was going to John Malkovich as Vulture, and maybe Anne Hathaway.

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Jul 13, 2003
2/11: At first glance, that seems like a red flag. But looking back at the history of the first Strange.
-June 2014: Derrickson hired, Sphaits does script re-write
-October 2014: Cargill brought in to write with Derrickson
-November 2015: Principal photography starts in Nepal.
-April 2016: Principal ends.
-Hong Kong Premiere: October 2016
-USA Premiere: November 2016

And for this movie
-October 2019: Jade Bartlett hired to write script
-February/March 2020: Raimi (or whoever) formally announced as director, Waldron hired as writer
-May 2020: Principal photography starts
-October-ish 2020: Principal ends?
-USA Premiere: May 2021

While it looks like they would have the same amount of time for post more or less, the difference in time for work on the script is glaring... Waldron has less to time to work his mojo. Or if you look at it, they had to dedicate more time to the script of the first movie in a series of movies - 2 years or so. For a sequel, they don't really need that much time as they probably have been outlining, brainstorming, since 2016 off and on and already had the meat, just needed plate it with a script to organize it all... I guess?

2/21: Take what you will from it, Sam Raimi had to cancel a con appearance March 13-15 for "filming." Hmm.
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