Do you think Geoff would humiliate Don like he did with Chris and Blaineley?


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Apr 5, 2019
Redondo Beach, CA, United States
Geoff showed embarrassing clips of Chris in the TDA Finale ("The Aftermath: IV"), while he did the same to Blaineley in TDWT ("Aftermath: Aftermayhem"). If Geoff DID the same to Don, here is how Geoff's dirt on Don (the host of "The Ridonculous Race") would go.

What does Don do behind the camera that none of us know? (Warning: Most (or all) of these were already done with Chris and Blaineley.)
  1. The camera crew disturb Don's shower and zooms in on him.
  2. Don eats his sandwich messily.
  3. Don sucks his thumb while sleeping.
  4. When Don leaves the trailer in a bathrobe, the wind blows, revealing Don's nudity.


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