Do you think AS might become its own channel or move to another sometime this decade?


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Jun 3, 2020
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I've thought about it a lot recently, and I honestly think it's very much a possibility. Family Guy was pretty much the only thing that skyrocketed Adult Swim's ratings in the first place, and now that all of the FOX lineup is leaving soon, the only things that will be saving Adult Swim's ratings are Rick and Morty and Robot Chicken, the only other two shows on there that anybody really watches. And I honestly think that Robot Chicken, Squidbillies, and Venture Bros. are going to end sometime soon because they've gone on longer than anyone expected and don't really have the cult following that R&M has to exceed 20 seasons at least.

I can't see Adult Swim being strong enough to affiliate itself with CN this much longer. I wouldn't be surprised if the block went defunct as a whole or switched to streaming services. Then again, Nick at Nite has been on Nickelodeon for nearly 40 years, so anything could happen. I just don't see Cartoon Network having the interest to affiliate themselves with AS for as long as time goes on, and very much think moving to another network, like TBS, is a high possibility.

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There isn't enough content for Adult Swim to become its own channel. In fact, with the loss of the Fox shows, I wouldn't be surprised if it were canceled outright. Rick and Morty would probably then move to HBO Max.

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They aren't going to outright cancel AS as it still does have enough revenue (especially with shows like Rick and Morty) to justify itself as a block. However when it does loose all of the FOX shows it is going to be severely restricted back compared to it's timeslots now. I don't think we'll go back to the original days of just having like one three hour block at Sunday and repeating at Thursday but you likely are going to see it start at EARLIEST 11PM to 6PM and likely see a lot more reruns of their older original content in the wee hours of the morning and the premieres probably more spread out then they even have been before. But AS is still too big a CN brand at this point to be removed entirely but it certainly will not move away or become it's own channel this decade just be likely downsized.
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