Do you remember when Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures aired on The Hub?

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Sep 4, 2017
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A few years back, there was a network called The Hub. It was a (sort of) toy commercial network (Which makes sense, due to Hasbro owning 50% of the network. They aired new versions of old 80s shows like Transformers Prime and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Which were both popular shows, especially the latter), as well as reruns of old sitcoms like Happy Days and cartoons like Batman: The Animated Series (A lot of the old cartoons they acquired were to promote a movie like Batman, Superman, and Men in Black: The Series).

However, at one point, The Hub actually aired reruns of not only Animaniacs, but also Tiny Toon Adventures as well. Do you guys remember when they aired reruns of those shows?


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Mar 11, 2005
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The Hub picked those shows up in 2013. Animaniacs! joined in January (although they aired a preview in late December along with the premiere of Wakko's Wish) and Tiny Toon Adventures aired in July.

The Hub paid these shows better respect than the other networks that had aired them before--they played every episode in order, and for TTA, they even aired the banned episode and the rare specials.

The Hub's pickup of these two shows were when the network had peaked. This would be its last great year before it met an unfortunate and premature demise the following year.


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Jul 5, 2010
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Yes, I do! I loved it. Some memories include:
  • Watching an airing of Wakko's Wish the week before Thanksgiving and them showing too many TJ Maxx ads.
  • Watching two of the Christmas episodes during the Christmas Eve marathon, having dinner and then watching The Polar Express.
  • The ads that aired during the show, like TruMoo, the HuBoom promo, this KIA ad with a catchy song, Majestic Gardens and AutoMatt.
  • Watching "Plane Pals" on the TV downstairs while my mom went to the hair salon.
  • Me worrying that I would miss the episode with "The Three Muska-Warners" due to a power outage caused by a car crashing into a power line. The power came on a few minutes before The Haunted Hour (the show before A!) ended.
  • After watching "King Yakko", I listened to "Let The Anvils Ring" nonstop for about a month.
  • Finding the "Sam and Ella's" song from "Broadcast Nuisiance" funny. I think I actually kept singing it.
  • On a delayed opening during Winter Storm Nemo, I was able to catch the episode with "Ups and Downs" (I wasn't able to normally catch the morning run due to school) along with one I don't remember. Whenever I have a delayed opening, I think of it.
  • My town was affected by Hurricane Sandy, so I only had off on President's Day instead of mid-February week and was able to watch the Animaniacs marathon that day (other counties had the whole week of school). During the segment in which the Warners help Abraham Lincoln, I told my sister I was lucky to be watching this. After it, I went to the mall and got socks of Derpy Hooves from My Little Pony.
  • Watching the WackyLand episode of Tiny Toons while my sister was somewhere else.
  • Watching the Animaniacs episode with the segments themed around countries (like the French theme and Schnitzelbank) while watching Garfield and Friends at the same time.
  • On a plane trip to California, I watched the Animaniacs episode with "Whistle Stop Mindy" and the Tiny Toons episode "Hero Hampton".
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Jan 10, 2015
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How could I NOT remember when these shows were on The Hub? I've been a big fan of Animaniacs ever since my Dad introduced me to it and its spinoff, Pinky and the Brain when I was a kid, and when I saw Animaniacs returning to TV on The Hub, I couldn't have been happier! Sure, both Animaniacs and Tiny Toons were removed a year later, but it was worth it to see Animaniacs on TV again.


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Oct 5, 2014
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I enjoyed their time on The Hub, I never really imagined any channel reairing it at the time, but knowing how The Hub did air some older shows I felt that eventually they would have aired it, those were good times.
May 17, 2006
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Nah I stopped watching The Hub when they took off the hour of Transformers and G.I. Joe. I had already seen a lot of G.I. Joe when it was on Toonami Midnight Run, but the original Transformers was something that I'd always wanted to see.

Lukewarm opinion of Tiny Toons and Animaniacs :yakko:

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