Do The Teen Titans Cartoons Feel The Most "Cartoon Network"?


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Jan 5, 2014
Okay, you're probably wondering what I mean. Let me see if I can explain (also, if this is in the wrong thread, please move it to the right thread) . Anyway, what do I mean by this? Well, let me explain. Of the DC cartoons released in the 2000s , Teen Titans seemed to get the most attention by Cartoon Network. It's not necessarily for airing the most of amount of times, but more for how it was aired. It aired on both Kids WB and Cartoon Network, the latter of which would air it at any time of the day. Compare it to those like Static Shock and Justice League mainly airing on their respective blocks and not much else (not that they didn't air in each other's turfs, but it was less frequent). Even after Teen Titans ended with Trouble In Tokyo, there was still a decent amount of airtime for it on Cartoon Network and Boomerang for a few years. It could be because of how much the show emphasized that it was an action comedy, fitting the tone for Cartoon Network's original action shows like Samurai Jack or Ben 10 (2005).

And then we have Teen Titans Go. To say the network likes the show a lot would be an understatement. Even beyond the frequent air time, there's still plenty of ways the network shows appreciation for it. It has 2 movies (one of them being theatrical, the first for a CN show in 16 years), and is one of the few DC cartoons with connections to Cartoon Network originals (what with TTG Raven appearing in the OK KO episode Crossover Nexus, and the 2016 Powerpuff Girls appearing on Teen Titans Go). It's also gotten plenty of commercial crossovers with other CN originals. For one more example, look at how Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans was hyped up compared to Lego Batman: Family Matters when both made their tv premieres. The latter aired after a regular movie marathon. The former aired after a weekend long marathon of both Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go.

This of course could also attribute to Cartoon Network slanting more towards comedy. However, what do you think?

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