Do people have a hard time understanding your interest in animation?

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Sep 10, 2006
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Do your friends or family have a hard time understanding that you’re passionate about animation. As a real life example my dad read a quiz from a newspaper and one of the questions was “April O’Neil was a character from this cartoon”. When I answered “Ninja Turtles”, my mom burst out laughing and said that she was blown away that I would remember anything from a cartoon that saw when I was five. It’s like my mom could not understand that cartoons are an interest of mine. Anybody have any similar experiences?
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Sep 9, 2018
Not really. Several people had a hard time understanding my interest in games but, most people get my interest for animation, because the medium is very unique from live action and some kids shows and movies can also be enjoyed by adults too. I’ll admit I mostly watched cartoons on CN and Nick casually as background noise or time wasters until 2013 when I really started to get more into animation.


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Mar 23, 2009
Not really in my case, but my sister does wonder why I like watching Sofia the First or Elena of Avalor. Sometimes, she also would say that I'm too old for cartoons and even animated movies, but then she would reminisce about the "good old" animated stuff she saw during childhood and also watch modern animated movies, so I'm not sure I completely understand her stance on animation.
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Mar 9, 2010
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This question does remind me of how there seems to be a stigma against animation in some circles. Speaking from my own reference pools, I do recall there being a time when some individuals were confused about why I gravitated towards animation over live action in certain circumstances (I don't recall any outright antagonism about it, thankfully) but they had eventually warmed up to it and even showed support towards the idea of me becoming a voice artist after listening to some impressions and reciting certain scenes from animation by memory. In more recent times, it seems some of these individuals I personally know have a better understanding behind why animation & voice overs are what I gravitate towards.
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Sep 26, 2011
Neo Arcadia, USA
Only if you're on 4chan/whatever else like it, where they berate you for liking anything Western over anime, really. To be fair, those are people who are far too close-minded and deserve to be ignored by everyone, especially those who could give them purpose by giving them actual jobs worth working, anyway... Too bad I can't see people like that ever turning out anything worth watching because of stuff like "Calarts vs. Newgrounds, which is better?", or some other dumb non-argument against watching cartoons that just doesn't hold any weight, nor should it like these fools love to think.

Me, personally (since I don't speak for other folk, nor should I aim to, as I can only please myself.)? I've always made it personally clear that I love this medium and want to see it thrive more than it does, now - and nobody has a problem with me, because I enjoy what I enjoy on my own time / don't aim to make a big deal out of it like some people will tend to do to their detriment (as in coming off annoying, instead of just being upfront & honest about what you actually, despite what people say.).

However, theres always that looming stigma that they might not be actual friends if they're judging you for something you like that's different from the norm, well - again, unless you're shoving what you like in their faces, which, again, is wrong.

Thing is, as someone who loves cartoons, I also make some effort daily to balance things out with YT vids and movies (for any live action stuff, that is.). It's a moderation thing for me. That said, no one tells me what to watch, especially not the medium I love the most (cartoons); and I ain't gonna let them stop me from enjoying what I love, either.

Again, however - my aim is to enjoy what I do, while NOT being in people's faces about it. That's how you cause trouble for yourself; something I also learned from personal experience!
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