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Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
Framingham, MA
Short Circuit "Puddles"

These are essentially experimental films from inexperienced directors, so my reviews are going to be far more gentle and understanding than usual. I am currently defanged and declawed for these specific reviews.

I liked it. I wish real-life puddles were that much fun.

Skyler is the worst type of sister.

That world at the end was magical and beautiful.

Neat. ****.

Short Circuit "Exchange Student"

I like the animation in this one.

The aliens remind me of the Singing Slugs from Flushed Away.

That was just swell. ****.

Short Circuit "Lucky Toupee"

I like the design of the leprechauns. This was a very bizarre idea for a short.

Nice to remind us that female pattern baldness is a thing. I especially love that it's attached to the girl of his dreams.

Is it a lucky toupee if you can clearly see it's a rug? Maybe.

This was funny. ***1/2.

Short Circuit "Just A Thought"

That was super sweet.

The character designs were all adorable and appealing. I love all of the amazing visual effects these shorts have the budget for. This is like Paperman in being half CGI and half-hand-drawn. It leaves us with a very unique look that fits the comic strip premise. ****.

Short Circuit "Cycles"

Oh, my God. That was outright profound.

One of the selling points of modern Disney shorts is that they are not afraid to hit you right in the feels. I haven't see much of the new Looney Tunes Cartoons Warner Bros is rolling out soon, but I sincerely doubt any of them will bother with any sort of emotional resonance. And I love that Disney makes sad cartoons as often as ones that will make you laugh.

I do have a major complaint. I had a hard time following what was going on as we were flashing back in time. I eventually got that time was rewinding, but I think I'll enjoy the short more on a second viewing now that I have clarity about that one confusing aspect. This still made me hurt in all the right ways. ****1/2.

Short Circuit "Lightning In A Bottle"

I love the colors here, and the lightning is a very cute character.

This next complaint is not the short's fault, but I wish Disney wouldn't air the artist interviews BEFORE the shorts. The director basically explains the moral of the film beforehand. That's actually something I need to discover for myself. But that's not the short's fault. ****.

Short Circuit "The Race"

What a weird premise.

The music was great, and the surprise ending was fantastic. ****.

Short Circuit "Hair-Jitsu"

That little girl was cute and feisty. Her hair at the beginning was hilarious and must have been a nightmare to animate. Kudos to the filmmakers for somehow finding a way to make her cut hair equally appealing which was pretty much the entire problem of the movie Tangled.

The fight scenes in slow-mo had excellent choreography, which is an unusual necessity in a Disney short. I like the barber scissors being used as throwing stars and the electric razor as a morning-star. Pretty cool stuff. And the ending was funny, even if it didn't make any rational sense. ****.

Short Circuit "Downtown"

Interesting use of shadows. It gives the realistic characters an added mystique.

The short's blend of realistic CGI and eye-poppingly colorful 2-D animation was a great contrast and made things sizzle. Techno is not my kind of music, but it fit the colors and the visuals perfectly. I also want to give extra credit to the animators who animated the guy running. The last animated project I saw with running that solid was Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. Ironically that was the ONLY thing I liked in that otherwise dreadful movie, so it was nice to see similar sorts of sweeping running movements while listening to a catchy beat instead of the Shazam Kids' screams.

That was excellent. *****.

Short Circuit "Jing Hua"

The animation was quite evocative. It struck me as a cross between Samurai Jack and Mulan.

The ending packs an emotional wallop (as it should). The filmmaker describes the personal tragedies he endured while making the cartoon in the accompanying interview, and it's clear he channeled that grief into his art. He basically gave this everything he had, and went for broke. It resonates. ****1/2.

Short Circuit "Drop"

Dazzling and bouncy, the short combines hand-drawn and computer animation seamlessly.

The short is almost about the cycle of life and death, and focuses on an interesting notion of rebirth. Very interesting thoughts are generated here.

I have to say I want that plushie of The Drop the filmmaker keeps in his office during the interview. It's adora-frickin'-ble. ****.

Short Circuit "Zenith"

Beautiful and amazing. The Fantasia debts are very real and pleasurable. True, the story made no sense, but that's also true for the majority of the segments of Fantasia itself.

I had a weird random thought when watching this: There are no jokes in this cartoon. I imagine if John Kricfalusi saw this cartoon he would complain that it's not funny, or doing right by the animation medium. And my retort to Kricfalusi would be when you come up with a funny cartoon in the next 20 years we'll talk about it. Because it's actually been longer than that for him. Pedophile or not, I would take Kricfalusi's complaints about serious cartoons more to heart if everything he's produced in the last 25 years wasn't so freaking uniformly awful and unfunny.

I loved it, even if I didn't quite understand it. Perfect Fantasia homage. ****1/2.

Short Circuit "Elephant In The Room"

Aw! Forget Hippopotamuses. I want an elephant for Christmas!

Nice song. The ending was bittersweet, (but leaned more heavily on the sweet) so I don't mind.

Cute. ****.

Short Circuit "Fetch"

The monster who ate the little girl was her pet and he was just playing the entire time! That's awesome! I also feel that Disney needs to do more shorts with dialogue in them. This helped. ****.


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Apr 5, 2015
I wanted to go back and rewatch Drop, and notice it’s (episode 12 of the series) is missing.

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I know. That's one of my favorites. I've heard is temporarily removed to re-edit the music due of copyright infringement. That sucks. :mad:


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Apr 5, 2015
I just found Trent Correy's instagram page and I've found out that it's not the music, there's some issues with the intro. He also said as soon as it's fixed, it'll come back to Disney+. Here's hoping.
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Mar 26, 2018
oh nice there's a thread.

This was the one that was promoted back in August when they were talking about this program.

I always like other worlds in things that exist already, it's always cool to see and I like this one.

Exchange Student
The aliens had really cool designs and it was animated beautifully

Lucky Toupee
It's the kind of weird I was looking for. Yet also very sweet.

Just a Thought
This is the one I was looking forward to the most. I liked how it really gave a cool comic strip look. Would be a strange world to live in though. I'm glad it was good.

No, I don't have some tears,.. you have tears!

Lightning In A Bottle
This one was beautiful and the lightning was cute.

The Race
So this is what Grim is doing after being with Billy and Mandy. No really, I enjoyed this one the idea of death thinking about life is really an interesting concept.

This one is another one I think is a favorite of mine. It felt very much like a Disney movie too, very awesome scenes and action.

Always like the idea of "average day" things being turned into adventures this was awesome

Jing Hua
It was beautifully done, the art style is amazing and you can feel the emotions of it.

The Water Cycle with a little quirky humor. also more cute weather

That was a visual masterpiece, very much Fantasia inspired, as said in the intro.

"Elephant In The Room"
Nice use of CG and 2D and more feelings there

Now that's what I call a twist, and that was well done and probably my 3rd favorite.
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