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Oct 2, 2014
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Starting tomorrow, the Saturday 6a-8a Beyblade/Pokemon marathons will be replaced by:
6a -7a Hotel Transylvania
7a Big Hero 6
7:30a DuckTales


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Mar 26, 2018
Penn Zero's Christmas episode airs on December 19th at 5am et (weeeeeeee!) and at 2:30pm on Christmas Day.
They should have aired it more than just those times, but at least they are airing it.

Reminder that Future-Worm airs tonight at 9:30pm , seems like the only time they'll be airing for a while so record that or something. Kick Buttowiski airs tonight at 10pm
also on Monday at 7:30am and Tuesday at 5amet

Pickle and Peanut tonight at 10:30pm
Wednesday at 5am, Thursday 5:30am and 6:30amet 8:30am and 9:30am on Christmas Eve.

If you like the 2001 Disney Chanel Original movie 'Twas the night they air that Tomorrow at 4pm and 12am/3pm Christmas day

Phineas and Ferb Christmas vacation (the only way to watch it in full not edited) 12/21 at 7:30pm. 12/21 at 12pmet 12/24 9pm et


Jun 13, 2019
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Here’s the schedule for this week. Marathons this week include:
Lab Rats: Thursday from 12-5AM + Bionic Island from 5-6AM
Star Wars Rebels: Friday from 9PM-12AM
Big City Greens: Friday from 12-6AM and Sunday from 1:30-5:30PM
Pokemon: Saturday from 6-8AM
Amphibia: Saturday from 1:30-5PM
Mickey Mouse: Saturday from 9PM-12AM
Gravity Falls: Saturday from 12-6AM
Hotel Transylvania: The Series: Sunday from 6-8AM and 12-6AM

The Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special airs Saturday at 7PM and Sunday at 1PM.
Toy Story That Time Forgot airs Saturday at 8:30PM and Sunday at 11AM.
The Season 3 Finale of Beyblade Burst airs Saturday at 8AM. Season 4 will premiere in 2020.
Player Select continues Monday at 8PM. Pokemon continues Saturday at 9AM and Star Wars Resistance continues Sunday at 6PM.
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I mentioned a bit ago how the screen bug shows up at the beginning of some shows with cold openings now instead of being held off. Now that they've moved it out of the safe zone it seems this got changed up a bit too.

In particular, when this change first started it usually held off about a minute, but now that it doesn't have any overlap with the SAP notice that some shows have, it tends to show up right at the beginning of a program.

But also, when the change happened, generally a logo bug that showed up during the cold opening would stick through the opening sequence for that show. That still happens but recently I've seen it timed to disappear before then as well.

Little details I suppose but I find it interesting to keep track of.
I remember that. I was going to make a video but I was lazy.


Jun 13, 2019
The middle of nowhere
Disney XD will have a special schedule on January 20 (MLK Jr. Day):

6-9AM Big City Greens
9-11AM Mickey Mouse
11AM-3PM Gravity Falls
3PM Beyblade Burst Turbo
3:30PM Pokemon: Sun & Moon - Ultra Adventures
4-8PM Amphibia
8PM Player Select (NEW)
8:30PM Parker Plays
9PM Big City Greens
9:30-11PM DuckTales
11PM-12AM Player Select
12-1AM Star Wars Resistance
1-2AM Gravity Falls
2-3AM Big Hero 6: The Series
3AM Player Select
3:30AM Parker Plays
4-5AM DuckTales
5-6AM Gravity Falls


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Apr 24, 2016
Stuff on the Disney TVA News Twitter should be taken with a grain of salt as it isn’t always correct and sometimes reports speculation as fact. This is the tweet he’s citing, and it says basically the same thing you said a few days ago.
All @Chevistian C did was he took from what @D-nice is the man. had posted on Twitter. (Not Stealing though)

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