Disney+ Reccomendations for a Discriminating Love/Hate Relationship with the Company Taste?

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Oct 11, 2010
The Wolverine State
OK, a family member gave her Disney+ account to my Grandma I'm visiting, and I would like to see a movie we can ALL enjoy! Too bad Song of the South is banned because that's one of her favorite Disney movies.....

A similar, slightly less conterversial movie I had in mind is "The Three Caberellos" , due to it's insane climax that'll keep you OFF THE DRUGS.

For the rest of the Disney library available, here are rules for my *insert part of title here* taste: e

No live-action remakes, PERIOD
No direct-to-video sequels
No shows, TV or exclusive
I've seen pretty much every feature in the Disney Animated Canon except a select couple
No films that have scenes that have been "cut" or "censored", unless the editor and director did it during production of the film, not after.
And with that in mind, all films must have original logos and titles from its orginal theatrical release. So if I'm seeing a live-action feature with that long, drawn-out Disney castle, or an RKO-released film with an off-the-shelf Buena Vista logo, kaput. It also must have correct Dolby and Walt Disney Records for any 80s-90s Disney movie, and Buena Vista instead of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. NO PLASTERING.
Try to find more movies pre-December 15th 1966 during the Uncle Walt era.
Make sure it isn't heavily DNR'd or artifically "restored", leave the dirt, scratches and grain alone! I'm looking at you shorts! (Unless it's live-action)
Please, make sure the movie is Pinocchio and onward, and has a proper copyright stamp. I get bitter about Disney lawyers.
I've seen every Pixar movie except "Incredibles 2" and "Onward", but I'm not too crazy on the latter two. Plus rewatching Pixar films would be a nightmare due my NO PLASTERING rule. (if incredibles uses the 4k blu-ray print with original titles, good for them).

No Star Wars Movies, If Lucas isn't Going to Let Disney Have the Originals, Sorry.
No Marvel Movies, My Grandma's Not A Comic Book Fan Nor Interested in the Agendas Pushed

No Live-Action Movies Based on Non-Disney Properties (And I'm Including Inspector Gadget), especially Mr. Magoo and Both George Of the Jungle Movies
No remakes of classic live-action Uncle Walt and early post Walt films,
No Tommorowland- Underrated movie, good visuals, great moral, BUT HORRIBLE EXECUTION (those drawn out car ride scenes)
No Country Bears- Same Plot As Muppets and Home On The Range
No Movies Cashing In On Nostaliga- Write or adapt from SCRATCH, unless your Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.
If your suggesting of a Fox movie, do one with no Rogers and Hammerstien, No Miracle On 34th Street (Disney ruined that one), and No Shirley temple. Find one from the Golden Age of Hollywood that film collectors are selling on eBay! Make sure ALL THESE RULES APPLY!

EDIT 7/28: Seems like nobody found that perfect movie, huh?
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