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Dec 30, 2012
Braga, Portugal
In a surprise move, the Walt Disney Company, under its Disney-ABC Television Stations division, is planning to buy the FOX television network and realigning its owned-and-operated television stations following its surprise bid for the NFL, to be re-evaluated when the competition will resume. Disney said that it will rebrand the FOX television network under the new name You, in order to avoid confusion. The remaining assets owned by FOX Television Stations are to be realigned too, representing a weakened network. What remained on the FOX network that didn’t get the chopping block to join You.


Most of You’s programming will be transferred over from FOX. All television series made by the former 20th Century Fox - aka the assets taken over by Disney - including The Simpsons and Family Guy, are moving to the new network. New animated series are being made to fill in the voids left by Duncanville and Bless the Harts, as they will move to FOX Corporation’s new network (more details below). From Warner Horizon comes the second series of Mental Samurai, postponed until “the situation improves” and with high hopes to arrive with the You network. To fill in the void left by The Masked Singer, Disney plans on moving Dancing to the Stars, possibly as payback for getting American Idol.


MyNetworkTV will shut down. Parts of its capacities will be handed over to a new network, known as either FOX or XOF (though the former is more likely). Disney is considering rebrands of FX and FXM. High on the cards are names like ABCD, ABCX or AX for the former FX network (this might apply to the Latin American and Asian feeds that still use the FX branding) and ABC Movies or AMN for FXM. On the other hand, FOX Corporation will still handle half of Movies!, but its number of controlled television stations will be greatly reduced. The following list depicts the changes made by Disney to realign the ABC network with NFL markets, what stations are going to join the new FOX and what owners will some stations expect.

New York: WNYW given to Disney; WWOR given to FOX Corporation
Los Angeles: KCAL given to Disney; KCOP given to FOX Corporation; KTTV sold to Los Angeles Times (talks of giving it over to Sinclair are out of question)
Chicago: WFLD given to Disney; WPWR given to FOX Corporation (WCIU probably sold off to CBS)
Philadelphia: WPHL given to Disney, WTXF given to CBS; WPSG given to FOX Corporation
Dallas: WFAA given to Disney; KTXA given to FOX Corporation; KDFI given to CBS
San Francisco: KTVU given to Disney
Washington DC: WTTG and WJLA given to Disney; WDCA given to FOX Corporation
Houston: KTXH given to Disney; KRIV given to FOX Corporation
Boston: WCVB and WFXT given to Disney
Atlanta: WSB and WAGA given to Disney
Phoenix: KSAZ and KNXV given to Disney; KUTP given to FOX Corporation
Tampa: WTVT and WFTS given to Disney
Seattle: KOMO and KCPQ given to Disney
Detroit: WXYZ and WMYD given to Disney; WKBD given to FOX Corporation
Minneapolis: KSTP and KMSP given to Disney; WFTC and KFTC given to FOX Corporation
Miami: WSVN and WPLG given to Disney
Denver: KDVR and KMGH given to Disney
Orlando: WFTV, WRDQ and WOFL given to Disney (for the benefit of the local Disneyland; WRDQ given to FOX Corporation
Cleveland: WJW given to Disney
Austin: KTBC given to Disney (and ABC), KVUE to Disney
New Orleans: WGNO given to Disney
Las Vegas: KTNV given to Disney
Lexington: WTVQ given to Disney
Ocala-Gainesville: WOGX given to Disney
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May 11, 2016
Baltimore, MD
Disney decided to buy Fanboy and Chum Chum because people want it back. Unlike their purchase of Doug, this will include the full show, including distribution and production rights. They're not going to add any major characters to the show, and the original producers and writers will be involved.


Dec 30, 2012
Braga, Portugal

In a unique move (because it’s no surprise), Disney decided to buy A&W Restaurants from A Great American Brand, LLC, allowing Disney to enter a new type of business: quick service restaurants. For that effort, Disney will set up a new subsidiary, probably without Disney in the name (hint: ABC, ESPN) to handle it and other fast-food chains it might seek to acquire in the near future. This will also include the separate soft drink business, as Disney has just bought Dr. Pepper-Snapple.

But don’t expect the restaurants to be Disneyfied any time soon. These are not part of A&W’s plans under Disney. “For a start, A Great American Brand” will survive. It will hold both the restaurants in the USA and Singapore for the time being. “You won’t expect our restaurants to be decorated with Disney characters, or to allow Disney characters to appear on our commercials. All we know is that Rooty, our mascot, is now Disney canon, period.”

About the effect on its international operations: currently the company, run by A&W franchisees, owns 5 restaurants, including one in Lexington, where it is headquartered, and the Singapore restaurant at Changi. The chain also operates restaurants in Japan (exclusive to Okinawa prefecture due to cultural issues and the perception of root beer in mainland Japan), Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and to a lesser extent Bangladesh. They don’t feel like expanding to other markets, but a return to the Philippines might be high on the cards.


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Jan 5, 2014
The season 2 finale of Muppet Babies is a Sesame Street Crossover. Ryan Dillon, Leslie Carrera Rudolph, and Matt Vogel will reprise their roles of Elmo, Abby, and Big Bird, all in baby form. Here's a sneak peek.

April Fool's!
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Nov 20, 2019
Yep, you heard it right. Disney listen to it's fans and renewed it for season 5. They will continue on stories on what happened after Star Butterfly committed genocide and how world is in chaos. She will try to fix this mess. But how will she do it? Well find out soon when it premieres next year on Disney+. Original team and actors are expected to return. There is also a rumor that it will have a crossover with Owl House and plot will be how the characters from Owl House are angry at Star for destroying magic. Announcement is below.

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I found this interview that Pam Arciero (Grundgetta from Sesame Street) took part in. I mainly skipped to 1:35, where she mentioned how production on the show ground to a halt because of the pandemic. There was about 1 more week of material to tape. She says they could start again in October, but that could change.
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If it wasn't for the fact they're owned by different companies (Sesame Street on HBO and Helpsters on Apple TV, though both are from Sesame Workshop), I could totally see a crossover.