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Based if you see this or not, this is in on the toonzone Animation wiki. I accidentally made this mistake. So since i did that, we're gonna talk about Digitalb and their channels. Cartoon fanatics will get great info here about the kids' channels Digitalb has. But, except that, other channels like My Music,T HD etc... which are known and the "extinct" ones like Digi Chat and Digitalb HD4.

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Does anyone have a feeling that Disney will purchase DHX Media and Hasbro in the future? I sure do, and that was the reason why I made a prank about it.
Seth MacFarlane is getting a Hollywood star.

Minecraft movie moves to 2022???
I didn't realize it was still happening.
Does anyone have a recording of Ben 10's Japanese end credits with the pillows' "Ladybird girl" as the theme? I've been looking for it for years.
It took me a while to realize but the current spokesperson for the Arby's commercials is H. Jon Benjamin.