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Hey guys ! =D , i've notice that i haven't been posting on here lately =( arter's block i guess ) .I felt like i've just lost ( temp .) the will to be creative or something =/ , i know i'll get it back , so here's a lil something for now !


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Does anyone have a feeling that Disney will purchase DHX Media and Hasbro in the future? I sure do, and that was the reason why I made a prank about it.
Seth MacFarlane is getting a Hollywood star.

Minecraft movie moves to 2022???
I didn't realize it was still happening.
Does anyone have a recording of Ben 10's Japanese end credits with the pillows' "Ladybird girl" as the theme? I've been looking for it for years.
It took me a while to realize but the current spokesperson for the Arby's commercials is H. Jon Benjamin.