did u like the 2009-2014 era of nicktoons (the channel)

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Mr. Daniel

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Sep 25, 2015
I liked some of the shows (Shocking isn't it?) such as new TMNT and LOK. And if you expand to 2015, Harvey Beaks is really good. But some of the worst Nicktoons ever have come out in that timeframe. Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig are some examples.


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May 20, 2013
I thought it was okay until mid-2011 or so, the programming was the same as when it was called Nicktoons Network for the most part. They did bring some shows like Rocko and ZIM back and surprisingly kept shows like Making Fiends (for 6 episodes that's impressive), ChalkZone or All Grown Up! on for the longest time. This was also when live-action came into the picture unfortunately: The Troop? Ok? Big Time Rush? Kinda pushing it....Power Rangers and "Nicktoons Comedy Breakfast featuring Drake and Josh and Ned's Declassified"? Too far!

In fact it got pretty bad in 2011, live-action became more obvious, too many Avatar marathons (I love this show but we don't need this every 2 weeks, granted it was already like this ever since the show ended), Nicktoons themselves were pushed to mornings and late nights (until Fall 2012). Classics like Rugrats and Ren and Stimpy left (understandable due to The 90s Are All That, though that block mostly aired Hey Arnold! over and over).

Yeah.....so much for what was once "Nicktoons Network: Animation Capital of the World". At this point the channel seems like it's on life support (better than Boomerang and Discovery Family at least, those are bigger wastes), they could be airing every single Nicktoon ever but the 90s ones are locked into The Splat, the 2000s ones are only there from time to time (4 are on right now not counting FOP), and instead we have shows that serve no purpose like LBX and Digimon Fusion, sitcoms that already air on both Nick and TeenNick, Power Rangers, NickSports, and plenty of SpongeBob, OddParents, and Ninja Turtles to go around! They don't even show some that should be airing like Kung Fu Panda and Robot and Monster!

But hey, who needs Nicktoons when you got Nicktoons on DVD!

I liked some of the shows (Shocking isn't it?) such as new TMNT and LOK. And if you expand to 2015, Harvey Beaks is really good. But some of the worst Nicktoons ever have come out in that timeframe. Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig are some examples.
The poster mean't the channel (read the title), not the shows themselves (though Korra and TMNT began during this channel's era).


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Jan 22, 2016
]this era of nicktoons is probably the time i watched it the most. Dbz kai used to be my favorite show on nicktoons. I would watch avatar,voltron force,iron man armored adventures,dragon ball gt,legend of korra,tmnt2012,zevo 3, yugioh,power rangers.
I didn"t really watch any of the digimon series


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Jul 17, 2015
Eh, I didn't really care for that era. That's around when I stopped watching Nick and it kind of fell into a personal "dork age" for me.

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Oct 28, 2015
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I actually miss this era of the channel. I remember when Wolverine and the X-Men, Monsuno, Iron Man Armored and Voltron Force used to play on this channel every day. Now I find it pretty friggin' nostalgic.

I do like the 2014 era, though. It's elements and it's announcer remind me of the Nicktoons Network days.


Jul 30, 2015
I enjoyed 2009-10 era because they showed Fanboy and Chum Chum that time.

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Oct 5, 2014
Austin, Texas
I liked it, didn't watch much of it until 2013 but around that time I remembered enjoying the Nick shows and Yu-Gi-Oh.


Sep 26, 2011
Neo Arcadia, USA
Most of my exposure to these times was when Nicktoons knew what they were doing - most of the time, of course.Despite my criticisms of each example, I only really got back into Nick when HBeaks, TLH, and WttW came about and changed my unfortunately negative views on the channel - as good as these shows are, however, they're not the true saviors of this channel everyone claims them to be (IMHO); they are steps in the right direction. Nothing more, nothing less.

I did also finally get into the later seasons of Sanjay & Craig when it didn't involve gross-out gags or excess screaming, but unlike the other 3 shows I mentioned, it's nowhere close to being to the standards Nick is starting to regain, THANKS in part to those examples I've mentioned And that's FACT.


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