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Alex Bean

Aug 27, 2012
Just when you thought you could relax for the holidays secure in the knowledge that the Red Legion had been defeated, comes some new stress from next week’s [release date – December 10, 2019] “Destiny 2 Shadowkeep – Season of Dawn”.
Time is not on your side – at least not where the Cabal is concerned – and a new threat requires your intervention. Fortunately you have at your disposal, Saint 14 [aka “the greatest Titan of all time” – the Titan GOAT, if you will] and his Perfect Paradox weapon, which you will use to defend the Sundial from the newest Cabal threat.
Those without a Season Pass will receive the Lantern of Osiris [helpful in increasing your power and unlocking seasonal gameplay modes], the Righteous armor set and eventually earn the Exotic Scout Rifle and Symmetry as well as be allowed to help Osiris fix the timeline by restoring Obelisks on four destinations.
Those with a Season Pass will have all that mentioned above – although you will be gifted the Exotic Scout...
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